Envoy uses OneLogin to enhance guest experience

In previous years companies had to use big paper log books to check in potential customers, manage employees, and document. OneLogin has changed that. Now companies can have a single IPad in the front entrance with beautiful IT that can eliminate that big clumsy log book. When customers enter they will be greeted with a beautiful piece of IT that makes their first impression of the company impressed and smooth. Data is stored in a safe and secure place allowing for easy decisions. One company that has taken advantage of this is Envoy.

Envoy and OneLogin have teamed up to create a simple and creative IT program to solve employee management and customer information storage. The SCIM or System and Cross Domain Identity Managment allows customers to automatically provision fields, like employee’s first names, last names, emails, office location, and more directly from their OneLogin directory into Envoy. This powerful relationship gives customers the ability to turn what was once a pain into a smooth and exciting process.

OneLogin gives developers the opportunity to create more with their software. Free toolkits are available. OneLogin added on by saying “OneLogin’s clear API documentation and timely partner support made it very straightforward to integrate with Envoy. We’re always excited to work with partners who share our vision of creating effortless workplace experiences, and OneLogin perfectly fits that mold. We look forward to continued growth together!”

The addition of Envoy to OneLogin has allowed two great softwares to combine into one. This combination gives companies and their customers a smooth, reliving, and a heartening way to manage their information they need every day to do business. With this technology and developers always adding onto it there is no telling what can be achieved next. OneLogin is very thrilled to have worked with Envoy and are very excited to continue that relationship into the future.

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