Classdojo is a mobile application that aids communication in a classroom setup, it connects parents, teachers, and students, by giving them a room for sharing photos, videos and messages in the school day. It is a way of enlightening each other by working together as a team, to achieve the best. ClassDojo also assists students to develop crucial skills such as empathy and esprit de corps, through a real-time tutor-to-student feedback via the web and mobile devices.

Classdojo is only looking forward to helping any teacher to create a dependable class, which makes the teaching career interesting, and thus teachers can pursue what inspired them to become teachers. Therefore, the teachers are in a position to help their students achieve the goals ahead of them by instilling the knowledge into them in a sober and easier credible manner. This has got a mutual benefit in that, as the student’s dreams are being achieved, the teachers are also pushed a level higher.

The main aim of Classdojo is to help the Parents Teachers and students to come up with far-fetched classes. This is a road to a perfect transformation of education in the whole world through the inter-linking of the students and teachers globally to give way for information sharing and also idea sharing on a daily basis. Though it is ideally impossible to create a one size class that fits all teachers, parents, and students, Classdojo has a belief that the best class that can meet all the above can be created. It is a perfect idea to give the teachers and students room to express their ideologies to achieve great things.

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