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One of the most devastating things on the planet today is high-energy bills, despite implemented measures to stop the power drain. Most individuals try various methods, but they give up after they fail to lower their energy bills. The reason for the rising costs of energy bills is explained in hidden energy costs in your household appliances.


Get Rid Of the Phantom Drain


Unknown to most homeowners is that if you leave your devices plugged in despite using them, they still draw power. The drain may be minimal, but with time, they can accumulate and increase your expense costs. To solve this, cut off the energy entirely to appliances such as your gaming consoles, TVs, computer screens among other devices. Cutting off the power saves you tens of dollars annually. The money could be useful in other ventures, especially now that the economy is so volatile (SaveOnEnergy).

By batching your gadgets into power strips as well as turning the devices off when you are not using them, could be the solution to your monstrous power bills every month. Make sure that you monitor your Weekly Energy Reports.

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Stream Energy


Stream Energy is a company providing wireless, home, protective and energy services. Its headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas at the Tollway Center. The company started its operations in 2004 as a retail electric provider in Texas. Thirteen years later, it has expanded its services to five states spread out across the USA. It is providing a source of income to thousands of household with its multi-marketing approach to the distribution of its energy solutions, as well as its other products and services.


For the second year in a row, Stream’s CEO and President, D Magazine’s Dallas 500 has recognized Larry Mondry as the region’s best and brightest CEO for his leadership skills. Recently, the company gained 30,000 new independent associates in five days, and they are on their way to the top of the consumer services sector. The privately held company is in the rank of companies with 201 to 500 employees and with the independent associates, they are set to increase their turn over and become industry heavyweights.

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