Glen Wakeman Uses Launchpad Holdings To Help Young Entrepreneurs

The onset of investment marks the beginning of a better future. For young entrepreneurs, this may be a challenge, considering the impending challenges that a startup may have. To be safe, it is vital for such entrepreneurs to have a person of interest to look at. This refers to a role model. Glen Wakeman is just one of the many role models. Wakeman has been part of the business industry for decades. He understands the importance of having the right materials for business. That explains why he is ready to assist entrepreneurs.


Glen Wakeman has extensive experience in finance. He has been part of the world for more than ten years. He understands the importance of being able to navigate in the field. Glen attended Scranton University. He earned good grades in finance. Perhaps, this was a perfect opportunity for him to grasp the basis of his career. Being visionary and focused on achieving more, he joined the Chicago University. Glen built his career out of his academic efforts. He graduated to join the working world. That marked the onset of his career in business.


After graduation, Glen Wakeman worked at GE Capital. He was made the chief executive officer due to his input in the company. Glen registered impressive performance. Glen was an outstanding leader. He managed his teams in the most subtle ways.In his lengthy career, he was a mentor as well as an instructor. Glen enjoyed sharing knowledge on business and growth. He learned how to navigate the field of entrepreneurship by investing in viable strategies that helped many business professionals. It was after working for many firms, that he realized he could emerge a determined mentor, that worked with entrepreneurs (Ideamensch).


Glen Wakeman established Launchpad, a company that has helped masses to organize their businesses. This firm provides software that assists young entrepreneurs to organize and restructure their businesses. Through the software, many entrepreneurs have grown their businesses to what can be called successful. Glen has used his talent and professionalism to assist masses. He is sure that with the growth of his company, many entrepreneurs stand the chance to grow.

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