Is Your Former Employee a Friend of Foe

The truth is, most of us are familiar with the onboarding process when it comes to new hires, but what happens when that employee resigns or is relieved of his or her position? If you’re unfamiliar with Onelogin, it is a cloud-identity and access management provider that helps many organizations handle either of these scenarios. Onelogin acts as an intermediary, helping many organizations inactive or purge login credentials that belonged to a former employee. Why is this important? It can help organizations avoid a potential data breach and also protect sensitive client information.

When it comes to an employee severing ties with an organization, the parting of ways is not always amicable; in some cases, former employees have chosen to exploit their past employers or share that employer’s information with competitors. Sadly, far too many employers neglect this aspect of attrition when an employee leaves their organization. In fact, studies have shown that upwards of 58 percent of former employees still have access to the organization’s network, and 24 percent of these organizations have experienced a data breach as a result.

How can Onelogin protect your business? The truth is, most employers can purge a former employee’s access information themselves, but the process of doing so can involve numerous steps and could be quite taxing on an already inundated human resources department. By employing a company like Onelogin, you can be assured that the following has been completed:

 Generating a checklist for the organization’s IT department, to manually remove former employees from company applications.

 Sending an application event query to the SIEM system (security information and event management), which ensures that former employees are not trying access company data.

 Syncing all HR directories

Granted, no one wants to think that a former employee would want to steal company information, but it does happen. In fact, it has happened so often than the European Union will be implementing a General Data Protection Regulation that will force organizations to purge access information held by former employees, or be subject to a fine; this new law is slated to go into effect in 2018.

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