OneLogin and the Challenge of Securing Company Data

One can lose count of the security breaches that have occurred this year. Needless to say, the traditional approaches to data security have come up glaringly short. The security firm OneLogin has built a track record of success by combining the strengths of multiple approaches to data security.

What OneLogin has realized, and the rest of the security market is coming to understand, is that single modes of authentication are not sufficient for data and identity protection. Parsing the three major methods of identity verification sheds light on this challenge and points forward to solutions.

The most common method of authentication after the password is physical biometrics. Examples of this approach are facial recognition and fingerprints. While such physical attributes provide a unique identifier, they are not beyond manipulation and imitation. Physical biometrics also opens the door to personal data and the resultant regulations.

An up and coming approach to identification is behavioral biometrics. Utilizing behavioral characteristics for authentication is not as instant as utilizing physical attributes, but one’s behavioral patterns do provide a unique and consistent security reference. The caveat of being compliant with the handling of personal information also applies here.

Last but not least is password authentication. Given prolific headlines on password security breaches in recent years, an editorial on the risks of password-only security is not needed. Strong passwords do play a role in protecting company data and are not going to disappear anytime soon.

OneLogin has taken a deep dive into the above approaches to data security and enacted a custom blended solution for clients that does greatly minimize risk. As technology evolves and quantum processors break into the market, a mix of authentication methods will no doubt be a necessity for protecting company data and identity. Fortunately, improvements in technology will also enhance the options for IT security.

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