The Successful Career of Greg Secker

A man of numerous trades, Greg Secker is a successful international speaker and also an established entrepreneur, philanthropist and trader. He is the founder of the Knowledge to Action Group which was founded over a decade ago. This group comprises of several companies which operates in the trading industry. The Knowledge to Action Group comprises of several companies which include Capital Index, Learn to Trade, Smart Chart Software and the Greg Secker Foundation. The main aim of these businesses is to teach individuals on how to trade and succeed so as to change their lives. Through the hard work and commitment of Greg Secker, the businesses have managed to register a lot of success and growth. He has been serving as an entrepreneur for a very long time and has therefore acquired a lot of expertise and experience in managing and operating businesses.

The career path of Greg Secker started when he went to serve at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. After working at the institution for a short time, Greg made a decision to start his start his own business which he would be able to operate and manage by himself. He is behind the creation of the popular Virtual Trading Desk which is involved in foreign exchange. A revolutionary business, the Virtual Trading Desk is the first online platform which provides a forex trading system that converts in real time. After being recognized for his outstanding professional accomplishments, Greg Secker was appointed to serve at the Mellon Financial Corporation where he held the position of the company’s Vice President. While serving at this company, he was able to steer the financial company in achieving tremendous growth and success.

The career of Greg Secker involves a lot of travelling and teaching other individuals on how to acquire success in the trading world. He has over the years earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient trading experts. Greg Secker founded Learn to Trade after three years of joining the Mellon Financial Corporation. After its inception, Learn to Trade went on to become a leader when it comes to trading education and has been able to assist numerous individuals in changing their lives.

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