Bob Reina Technology Opportunities – UPDATE

UPDATE 11-28: A Look At The Generosity Of Bob Reina When It Comes To Pets

Bob Reina, the founder of video-marketing company Talk Fusion, is a huge fan of pets. He says, though, he has drawn the line about adopting any more stray animals than he already had. The way he said that, though, meant you knew he would adopt more. He says that he has two full-time housekeepers that he needs to keep up with all the pet messes and hair due to his have a total of 11 cats and dogs in his home.

In his home, Bob Reina has three basset hounds which he named Blue Bell, Presley, and Stormy. He also owns another breed of dog, named Bindi, which had lost a leg when an alligator bit it off (Reina lives in Southern Florida). He also has another dog named Sport which is a Labrador mix. He also has five cats that he either rescued from a shelter or found as a stray. The cat’s names are Chance, Madison, Scrappy, Mystery, and Lucky.

Over the years Bob Reina has also donated over a million dollars to a number of animal charities. Among the largest of these was $250,000 which he gave to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in 2011. The check he wrote was presented at this organization’s annual gala. Later that same year he wrote another check for $750,000. This check enabled the Humane Society to build a new vet services clinic. The clinic is low-cost and helps people with pets afford medical services for their animals including annual checkups, diagnostic testing, and shots. They also provide low-cost spay and neuter services in order to help keep the animal population down.

Bob Reina is also known for paying for other family’s vet bills when they can’t afford them. The chief executive officer of BluePearl Veterinary Partners, Darryl Straw, has said that he’s seen Reina pick up the check for people facing difficult choices at his vet clinic group.


The technology industry is growing at a rapid pace. With all of the growth and new technology in the market, many companies have a great opportunity to add value to customers in the years ahead. Bob Reina is an expert in the field, and he has great experience to draw on when giving speeches.

He recently gave a speech at Talk Fusion. This is a conference for leaders within the technology industry. At the conference, he addressed ways in which he believes that technology is going to change the future.

Early Life

Bob Reina has a lot of experience working in the technology industry. He started off working for a small business where he gained valuable experience. However, he quickly learned that he wanted to concentrate on technology in his career.

He worked hard to take classes at night to learn as much as possible on a subject. Bob Reina is the type of person who has a great work ethic on things he is passionate about. He was eventually able to build a great experience and knowledge base.

Future Changes

In many industries, technology is going to greatly disrupt the future. Some people are worried that artificial intelligence is going to take away jobs from humans. However, Bob Reina encourages people to look at the positives. Although it is true that some people will lose their jobs, more jobs will also be created in the process.

Bob Reina is excited about all of the options that will be available to customers and companies in the coming years. Now is the time to start preparing for the changes. Learn more:


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