Getting the Best Accident Coverage from the USHEALTH Group

The USHEALTH Group is one of the oldest and most reliable companies in the healthcare insurance sector. They have been in business for several decades now and during this time; they have managed to transform the lives of thousands of their patients by offering them affordable and reliable health insurance products. Here, are a few of the things you need to know about the USHEALTH Group accident coverage products, and how they may come in handy for you.

Their premium for accident coverage is known as the accident protector. It is a premium that covers the supplemental excesses that come with accident insurance. The premium is popular because it provides the patients with payouts in case they are involved in an accident which leads to losses. The plan also helps cover deductibles and co-pays that are typically not part of the accident insurance cover. The company has created the product to be so reliable that you get the extra coverage to meet the costs which are not part of the regular accident insurance premium.

The direct costs that are covered by this insurance include medical treatment by a physician, tests, and X-rays for the diagnosis, Oxygen, Ambulance, prescription drugs, outpatient surgery, blood and plasma, medically needed treatment by a dentist after an accident and many others. The losses that are covered include loss of life, loss of speech, hearing, and sight, loss of limbs, and many others. The degree of coverage depends on the extent of the damage. The accident cover offers up to $4000 per accident per each person who is insured. It is a great and affordable product, and the benefit is worth the cost of the premium.

The best thing about this product is that you can access it with as little as $100 deductible per month. It will give you a cover of $2500 per accident per insured person. If you want to increase the deductible amount, it is possible to go up to $500 deductible and access an accident cover of up to $15,000 per person per accident.

The accident cover is just one of the products that are offered by this company. The reality about their products is that they are well-thought of, and crafted to suit the needs of their different clients. The company also has customer service representatives whom you can consult when you need specific clarifications about the terms and conditions which govern these services. The product is innovative and excellent and is one of the most reliable. The clients who have used the product have given it very positive reviews and state that as long as the contributions are regular, the company promptly covers the risks. The USHEALTH Group has many other insurance products. Their website contains information on the different services you can get from them. Visit:


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