The Johnson Amendment Stays, Says End Citizens United

The United States’ Founding Fathers founded the nation on a principle that separated the church from political affairs under the legislation Johnson Amendment. At the moment, the powers of the Johnson Amendment law are at risk of being stripped away owing to conservative Congress members efforts. The Johnson Amendment outlaws tax-exempts NGOs such as churches from actively taking part in campaigns for political candidates. Recently, End Citizens United (ECU) held a press release where they urged the Congress not to allow the annulment of the Johnson Amendment.

Ever since President Trump was elected to office, he has made it his top priority to terminate the Johnson Act. Even though not many Americans are aware of the implication if this revocation, the wealthiest individuals in the country are excited and could not wait for the nullification to take effect. If the Johnson Amendment annulment takes effect, individuals could donate indiscriminately to religious organizations as such institutions can, in turn, use those funds to do whatever they pleased including backing political candidates campaigns.

This is the reason why Ends Citizens United is at the center of this battle as they want the law to remain so that it is easier to regulate the influence of NGOs in politics. According to Tiffany Muller, the President if End Citizens United, the Republican House tax’s initiative seeks to end the Johnson Amendment so that they can use the church as a secret campaign tool. This will, in turn, have a negative impact on democracy of the nation as a whole. For instance, in 2015, Americans gave out nearly $119 billion to religious institutions. Approximately $6.5 billion was used to fund the most expensive election in history in 2016. So what this means is that should the Johnson Amendment be thrown out, a more substantial chunk of the $119 billion will find its way to campaigns for conservative candidates thereby creating an unfair advantage for them when compared to their Democratic counterparts.

The Republicans are becoming sneaky in trying to eliminate the Johnson Act by attaching it to others laws so that it can be passed without much oversight. End Citizens United is handling the issue by bringing awareness to the public so that they can understand what is at stake and thereby influence the decision not to annul the law. Moreover, even the churches do not support the abolition of the law, and over 100 churches have joined ECU in the battle to maintain this critical bill. Citizens are encouraged to participate in the fight too to win their nation back.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a grassroots Political Action Committee (PAC) that was established on March 1, 2015, to reverse the Supreme Courts’ decision that allowed PACs such as Citizens United to have unlimited and unspecified funds into politics. The PAC has a very robust social media presence where it makes several tweets and Facebook posts in a day to educate Americans on their democratic rights. R Michael Bennet of Colorado. Additionally, ends Citizens United have endorsed Randy Bryce to go against Paul Ryan in the coming midterm election cycle to be held in 2018. The PAC has confidence that Bryce will accomplish the unthinkable despite Mr. Paul’s firm hold on the state’s 1st Congressional District. Learn more on


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