Prince Mohammed’s Push for Change in Saudi Arabia

Although not yet the king, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has changed both the political and social landscape of Saudi Arabia. At 32 years of age, he has already taken control of key ministries in the country such as the ministry of defense and interior, control of the National Guard as well as the chairmanship of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest energy company. He is achieving all this through the guidance and instructions of his father King Salman, and according to critics, he is arguably the most powerful millennial.

Prince Mohammed seeks to revamp Saudi Arabia and has undertaken major reforms in the government such as arresting wealthy royals considered corrupt, cracking the whip on dissidents and Islamists as he tries to usher the country into the 21st century. Previous attempts for reforms by his predecessors failed for lack of will from the aging rulers but the prince has charmed westerners and investors on achieving reforms such as allowing women to drive, rein in on moral police and build a city on the Red Sea. Prince Mohammed is allowing his people to do things that were formally considered taboo with his supporters saying that he has inherited a broken system which has forced him to push for a radical reform agenda. Saudi Arabia is grappling with low oil prices which directly affects its economy as it is its key source of revenue with corruption being rampant across the government institutions.

On the Middle Eastern front, Prince Mohammed has single-handedly transformed the country from a predictable state to a disruptive one joining the league of Turkey and Iran as a military powerhouse. His rise has disrupted traditional models of governance changing the perception of the royal family and the future of the country with a possibility of war and global oil price changes. The assertive Prince in a way is seeking to achieve a long Saudi dream of being the apex leader in the Arab world.

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