Meet Mikayla Holmgren: A Beauty With Down Syndrome Participant in Miss USA Pageant

Mikayla Holmgren received two awards at the Miss Minnesota beauty pageant. She says that she was very shocked, this is according to the news that was delivered to BuzzFeed News from her celebratory dinner. She says that it was crazy, going to the biggest pageant globally from special needs pageant.

Apart from the tow awards, Holmgren made history as the first lady with the Down syndrome to take part in USA pageant in the country. She said that it was a lot of work. She traces the whole thing back when she was 6, she began dancing and felt happy performing before a big crowd. Enjoy her video at Mikayla Holmgren said that dancing is a good art for her and that is how she expresses herself. She holds that it is her talent and she is impressed to prove to people what she can do and she is ready to deliver more.

Holmgren is set to finish her studies in 2018 at the University of Bethel. She stays at the campus where she interns at the university’s childcare center. Additionally, she is also an ambassador for the people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

After she was awarded the Minnesota Miss Amazing in 2015, Holmgren vowed that she was ready to try a bigger challenge, and when she got a letter from Minnesota, she knew that this was the chance.

After the news of the Holmgren taking part in the pageant, reports from the pioneer indicates that a number of women availed their daughters who have the same condition to watch her take part in the event.

One of the women, Lana Beaton said that she was overwhelmed to see the pageant, this is according to the news that she delivered to the press. She was therefore optimistic and joyful for Holmgren and their future.

Holmgren vowed that she wants to show the different side of the Down Syndrome. It is her views that women with developmental disabilities can also take part in the talent and beauty shows just the same as compared to other women without a disability.

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