Barbara Stokes: CEO of Green Structure Homes

Barbara Stokes brings great leadership to Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama, where she is CEO of the company that has been doing something pretty unique for nearly ten years .

Those devastated by natural disasters benefit from the experience and expertise she and GSH bring to partnerships with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Stokes and her team support FEMA’s mission to not just get people re-housed, but quickly put communities back on their feet with safe and adequate structures that meet all ongoing needs.

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When the clock begins ticking on relief efforts, GSH is tasked with custom designing, delivering and erecting structures, and doing on-site construction as needed, in an unprecedented timeframe.

When not involved with disaster relief, the company is involved with projects that may not be as exciting, yet are just as important; meeting the need for well-engineered infrastructure, construction and structural inspections for both the military and private sector, from design, planning and manufacturing to installation.

Stokes graduated from Mercer University, where she majored in biomedical engineering and physics, as well as studying the subjects that are put into practice at GSH, including manufacturing and management, structures and properties of materials. She worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing, where she acquired the expertise in government contracting that has allowed for such successful teamwork with FEMA.

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In an around Huntsville, Alabama, and where GSH has worked on disaster relief efforts, permanent and long-term jobs have been created in skilled trades. Mrs. Stokes as also been keen on purchasing from local businesses whenever possible, which stimulates a region’s economy and job market. Benefitting from Stokes’ leadership and innovation include communities in Louisiana, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and Minnesota.


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