The extraordinary Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes has been instrumental in enhancing a great leadership to the GSH that is situated in Alabama. Barbara has a wide experience in the Disaster management. She has led great organizations in the relief construction where contracting activities have been achieved under her leadership. The GSH has greatly supported the mission which has been set by FEMA. This is in order to ensure the community has achieved great difference through their strategies.

The GSH has been tasked with various activities. This includes designing, delivering, offering on-site construction, building and generally carrying out beneficial activities. The residential and commercial structures in the Northern America have benefited from this forum as their constructions are catered for by the organization. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The company has been vocal in managing projects in the area. The engineering activities that are independent have been demonstrated by the company for a long period of nearly thirty years. The engineering activities that have been achieved by the company involve installation, planning, development, inspection, and foundation of the residential and commercial structures.

Barbara has been the Chief Executive Officer of the company for around six years having commenced the job since 2011. The executive studied biomedical engineering at the Mercer University. Barbara Stokes acquired various skills at the institution. These skills include manufacturing, project management, project engineering, construction, and government contracting.

Barbara Stokes is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Green Homes Structures that are located in Alabama. The executive has benefited many individuals in the community where several jobs have been created in eight states under her leadership. The jobs cover mainly the manufacturing department and the neighboring communities have benefited from the nearby communities. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The communities include the Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, and the Alabama. The FEMA Company was instrumental in the awarding of a contract to the GSH to enable them to run their activities. The GSH has supported relief activities in the communities where homes have been building to help the victims of the hurricane.

Barbara Stokes has been keen on developing the local business in the region where business owners have been promoted by the purchasing of their products. The job opportunities in the communities have been stimulated indirectly or directly through her project. The GSH has been phenomenal in providing quality homes to the individuals.

The company has offered its services to the private and government facilities. The company is keen on offering the manufacturing techniques to the concerned personnel.


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