Greg Secker Is Benefiting the World One Investor at a Time

Greg Secker is a brilliant man who thinks the journey through life should be enjoyed, not rushed. He was born in 1975 and happens to be a master trader, international speaker, and philanthropist. However, his greatest achievement is fatherhood. In 2003, he founded the Knowledge Action Group. His company teaches people how to trade, and happens to be a world leader in offering an education about global trading. His company runs offices in Johannesburg, Sydney, Manila, and London. He also owns SmallCharts Software, and Capital Index.

The Greg Secker Foundation commits itself to improving the quality of life for people across the world. He knows that he can make a difference through coaching, offering investment strategies, support, and education. This is his way of making a major impact in the world.

He began his career in investment finance working with Thomas Cook Financial Services. From there, his career shot upward. He progressed quickly enough to become Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation where he oversaw major investment banking operations. He left Mellon and decided to set up a trading floor in his home. He began working the foreign exchange business and ran his own successful venture called the Virtual Trading Desk.

It happened to be the first program that traders could engage the market in real-time. Customers could receive quotes for major foreign exchange investments. It only took several months to get his company successfully up and running. In 13 years, the company has grown to a point of having offices in four countries. To date, over 200,000 people have taken his training and benefited greatly through informative seminars and workshops.

Greg Secker is a person who will always be on the move, upward, in a positive direction. He has already decided that helping people will be his life’s mission, and that can never be a bad thing. The right education also plays a major role in navigating life successfully. Knowledge gives a person a better understanding of their world. It offers a different perspective for looking at life. It also opens doors that may have otherwise remained closed.

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