How Rocketship’s Educational Methods Are Influencing A New Generation Of Students



Rocketship public schools understand that every child has the potential to achieve something great. Rocketship strives to help every child reach their potential. The Rocketship network is made up of teachers, parents, and students from low income communities throughout the US. Rocketship’s elementary charter schools hope to increase student success rates by employing great educators. Rocketship is committed to closing the achievement gap.

Rocketship emphasizes innovation, tenacity, and authenticity. Rocketship challenges students to dream bigger. There is complete transparency, as parents and students are always informed on recent developments. Rocketship is passionate about reaching its goals. Personalized learning is important. Students will receive instructions that are tailored to suit their individual needs. Rocketship believes that it is important that every single person on the team reach their maximum level of development. Parents have a huge role as well. They should take a proactive approach concerning their child’s education. There should be a strong relationship between the school, home, and community.

Parents are responsible for naming the school in their community. They also help develop the school’s enrichment program. In addition to enrichment, students also spend time in a learning lab, while taking humanities and STEM courses. This gives students the opportunity to improve their critical thinking skills and helps them build up an acceptable to teamwork.

Before the start of the school year, the teachers visit the students at their homes to start developing chemistry. Primarily, a system will be set up so that the parents will be consistently notified about the student’s performance. Rocketship believes that visiting the student at their home allows the teacher to establish a deep connection with the child. Rocketship students consistently receive high test scores in ELA and Math. Rocketship is also proud of having a high retention rate. Rocketship believes that their formula will continue to evolve over the next few years.

Every Rocketship school has a principal office manager and a business operations manager. Principals are responsible for providing leadership by analyzing classroom activity and lesson plans. Office managers oversee student information systems.


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