The American Institute of Architects has been doing so well since Robert Ivy took over. The CEO and executive vice president has been doing some good work there since he took charge in February 2011. Robert Ivy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from the Sewanee University. Later on, attained a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. After his education, he worked at the Architectural Records and at the McGraw-Hill Construction Media before later joining the American Institute of Architects, where he became CEO. At the Architectural Records, he worked as the editor-in-chief and as the editorial director and vice president at the McGraw-Hill Construction Media. He performed excellently at these two places as well as other areas where he was privileged to work, thereby, attaining a very high job status. Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter for more updates

Over his working career, he has gained much experience in the field of architecture, and it is this experience and knowledge that enabled him to write the Fay Jones: Architect book. The famous piece was done in 2011 and has been given much praise by the Library Society of North America. According to the organization, it is one of the greatest architectural books ever written. The book presents architects from all over the world with a lot of guidelines which they can use in their daily operations and teaches them to become better at what they do.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has its headquarters in Washington DC, USA and this is where the organization of architects operates from. It has been working with other construction organizations as well as individuals to improve the architectural industry over the years. Together with the various organizations, AIA has been offering the general public with important information regarding support rendered by the government, general architectural work and different ways of redeveloping the community in such a way that the architectural profession is treated with greater respect.

View the journal of The American Institute of Architects:http://www.architectmagazine.com/aia-american-institute-of-architects/

AIA was established with the aim of elevating the architectural profession back in 1857 by a certain group of individual architects. They were to do this and at the same time promote science in the architectural practice. With Robert Ivy in charge, the organization has been thriving in its quest, therefore, being rated the best at it. Robert’s role involves overseeing important projects as well as managing the organization on all fronts. He also ensures that the members behave professionally wherever they are working since they portray the image of the organization as a whole.

Through its good reputation, AIA has grown making it very marketable in different parts. Currently, the number of professional architects that the firm has stands at 90,000 and is likely to grow in the years to come. Robert is likely to take more awards home to add to the Management Excellence in McGraw Hill Award, which he won in 1998, and the Crain Award, which he won in 2009.

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