Scotland Unveils Plans for Universal Income

The future of the global economy is uncertain, but one aspect of it seems to be absolutely unquestionable; artificial intelligence is slowly but surely taking over. As robotics, computers, and machinery continue to replace actual human-beings in a rapidly changing world, where does it leave the people whose jobs are steadily being eliminated? Is the time for skilled laborers truly soon coming to an end? Researchers around the world seem more and more inclined to believe so.
Several Nations have begun to brainstorm how to deal with the inevitable issues the world will be faced with in the not so far distant future. Canada, the United States, Finland and Kenya each ran individual experiments in 2017 deal with Universal Income (Also known as Basic Income). What is Universal Income you might ask? Similar to welfare programs employed by numerous world governments, it is meant to be a periodic and unconditional payment to all citizens of a country in order for all people to afford an equal and healthy living conditions. The payment would more than likely be guaranteed by the government and not based on any amount of work or contribution to society by individuals.
In Scotland over three hundred thousand dollars have been raised so far for the research and development of Universal Income. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, and North Ayrshire will be the first cities in Scotland to explore the possibilities of this plan. Despite the very idea raising several concerns from both Government officials and Scottish citizens, the cities selected for the pilot program will submit their bids within the next three months.
Why even consider such an outlandish idea? Because time may be running out before world Nations are left with giant unemployment and poverty rates in the world of the future. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon addressed the program in his statement, “It might turn out not to be the answer, it might turn out not to be feasible. But as work changes as rapidly as it is doing, I think its really important that we are prepared to be open-minded about the different ways that we can support individuals to participate fully in the new economy.”

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