Health and Beauty Gadgets Featured at CES 2018

On Tuesday, CES 2018 kicked off with the launch of the latest health and beauty toys. The annual electronics trade show, held inside the Las Vegas Convention Center, featured the latest gadgets from cosmetics companies like L’Oréal and Neutrogena. Tech firms like Cal Comp Electronics and biotechnology firm LifeFuels also showcased their newest products.

L’Oréal has turned heads at CES this year with their innovative UV Sense nail sticker. The silicon sticker is designed to attach to fingernails where it monitors levels of UV radiation and time of exposure. Using a smartphone app, users can collect data from the UV Sense to find out their risk level from UV exposure. The app also recommends products to protect consumers from UV radiation. L’Oréal plans to roll out the wearable through dermatologists in 2018. The UV Sense will be available to the general public in 2019. The company hopes to retail their new product for around $40.

Virginia-based startup LifeFuels, which snagged a $5 million funding round from Trenor Williams in April 2017, has been attracting attention for their new smart water bottle. The LifeFuels bottle tracks water consumption and allows users to add minerals and vitamins to their daily hydration routine. The bottle earned a 2018 CES Innovation Award for its design.

Neutrogena took advantage of CES to debut their new iPhone attachment, the SkinScanner. The device attaches to the top of iPhones and analyzes skin problems. The technology detects wrinkles, dry skin and dark circles. The data is then processed by the company’s Skin360 app, which gives users a skin health score and recommends appropriate skincare products to alleviate obvious issues. The SkinScanner will be available to the public in June 2018 and will retail for around $50.

Taiwanese company Cal Comp debuted their new HiMirror Mini smart mirror at CES. The mirror, which resembles a tablet more than a conventional mirror, uses a built-in camera to monitor facial problems like redness and enlarged pores. The HiMirror can be controlled by gestures, voice or a remote control to avoid unsightly makeup smears on its lighted screen. It also integrates seamlessly with Alexa, allowing users to connect with their Amazon accounts to purchase more beauty products. The smart mirror is poised for a summer release and will be priced at $189.

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