A New Form of Technology Can Save Lives During Fires

As time goes on, technology seems to advance more and more every day. It’s not always for the better. Sometimes the latest advancements are trivial things that we don’t really need such as another smartphone or camera. That’s why it’s always a welcome sight when a new form of technology comes out that actually does some good in the world. There’s a new gadget on the market and it’s simplistic but could save countless lives.

What many people don’t know is that during a fire you should shut doors in your home, if possible to do so safely. Shutting doors is a simple way that you can stop the spread of a fire. When people find themselves in a fire, however, this is not something they think of. Either panic takes over, they’re more concerned about saving their family, they don’t have time, or they simply don’t know. Luckily, there’s now a gadget that can help families survive a fire more safely than before.

According to TechCrunch, the little gadget is called LifeDoor and it’s installed in the hinge of a door. When the gadget detects smoke in a home, it slams the door shut. It’s simple, genius, and safe. The idea was dreamed up by a firefighter who went out to purchase an item similar only to find out that such a product did not exist. There is a push to have LifeDoor installed in every home in order to keep families safe. LifeDoor even comes with a second alarm in case someone misses the first alert from their smoke detector. These little gadgets also have a pretty long battery life, lasting roughly a year and a half. Some people argued that what if someone would get stuck in a room once the door shuts? LifeDoor stated that wouldn’t happen. The door would be no more difficult to push than it is already.

The LifeDoor gadget is available for purchase online through their website. As the popularity continues to grow, they may make it available at stores and fire departments. There are also other big changes planned for this gadget. The creator is homing to partner with smart technology to alert families to whether or not anyone is inside of the room where the fire originated.

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