New Form of Technology Teaches Users to Have Healthy Debates

It’s no secret that in today’s society, people just love to debate. It almost seems like it’s a cornerstone of life. Friends debate among each other when they’re out in public settings. Family dinners, especially during holidays, can turn into somewhat of a heated debate. When it comes to online, conversations among strangers in comment sections even turn into debates. Perhaps, society is becoming more vocal as a whole. There’s also the fact that heated topics are coming to light. Whatever the reason, there’s now an app to help those who just love to debate.

According to TechCrunch, the new app is called Micgoat and it just launched in the app store. It can be debated whether or not this app is just another way to bring society together or tear us further apart with arguments. Micgoat allows users to debate whatever topic they feel in their heart. All a person has to do is upload a short video, one minute or less, about whatever they’d like to chat about. It can be a hot-button issue in the news like Bitcoin or something silly in their own personal life. After they upload the video, others can chime in with 30-second videos. The original poster can again respond.

There is some positive with this new form of technology. It encourages face to face conversations instead of having people hide behind a username online. It seems that Micgoat will also open important topics of conversation that need to be had. If used properly, this could be a great learning tool. I can see schools that have debate clubs use this app as practice. The creators of this new app feel that debating is healthy. They want it done in the correct way where people can see each other face to face. This humanizes another person and really helps you connect with them and what they have to say. The end goal of the app is that those debating have some closure, have seen something in a new light, and have learned how to have a healthy conversation. This app seems to be taking a direct stab at “internet trolls” who like to leave their opinions in places with no real substance to back it up. In this app, if you have something to say, you better put your all into it.

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