Greg Secker, Helping The World !

Greg Secker is a well known entrepreneur and a generous philanthropist. Over the years, Secker has had several businesses, some businesses in which are dedicated to giving back to Greg’s communities and to people all around the world as well. One of Greg’s businesses that are dedicated to giving back is named after him and it has been doing an amazing job so far. This organization is named the Greg Secker Foundation. This Foundation is a non profit organization. In the organization Greg mentors kids and teen to lead them in the right direction. Greg also takes the kids and teens inside the group with him on projects where they give back to people.

For Greg, giving back is a choice that he had decided to do for himself to have a better quality of life. Giving back is a lifestyle for Greg and it is something that he cannot and won’t stop doing. Greg has been working on a project to help build homes in Capinahan, Lemery, Iloilo for people who were affected by typhoon. With this project, more than 100 homes will be built in a short period of time. The typhoon was a tropical storm that happened last month in the Capinahan. The storm was very powerful and ended up killing hundreds of people. Some people were fortunate enough to survive the storm; however, some people lost their homes from the storm.

Nonito Donaire will be joining Greg Secker in this mission to build more than 100 homes for all of the people who were affected by the storm. If you aren’t aware, Nonito Donaire is a famous world champion boxer who is not a stranger to giving back. When Nonito Donaire’s career first began he donated $1 million dollars to people who were in need. This act of kindness was not over looked, because at the time, Nonito did not have much money, he just wanted to help as much as he could. Nevertheless, these two have joined together to rebuild Capinahan. Many people are grateful for these men helping the country in this time of need!

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