The Subtle Changes To Lime Crime’s Formula

At the National Retail Federation’s conference in Los Angeles, the Global General Manager for LimeCrime, Kim Walls, spoke about having to change the formula of their product in order to sell on the Chinese market. She talked about looking at the Chinese market and realizing that everything she knew about selling wouldn’t work in this instance.

One of the biggest issues of bringing LimeCrime products to the Chinese market is that all makeup products must be tested on animals. If they aren’t, then they can’t be sold through this market at all. The reason this was a big deal to LimeCrime is because they are a completely vegan brand. In other words, they are animal friendly and they don’t support testing on animals. With that being said, the company can get around this by shipping their products right from the United States.

Shipping from the United States would bring obstacles of it’s own. For starters, they have to think about all of the planning of the transportation to China and this can be extremely complex. They also have to think about the duties and taxes, as well as handling any customer returns and giving customer support to customers who speak a completely different language.

All of these issues were added to when the company found out they had counterfeits. They found out that last year alone, they had over a million fake pieces of their product sold in Chinese markets. They had to deal with that on top of the logistic issues they already had.

In response to these issues, they decided to team up with a Los Angeles company by the name of Revolve. This company is an online fashion platform that was starting to explore the beauty industry. The companies had many of the same outlooks and morals on many issues.

To start out, the company had Chinese customers that came across their products to go to the Revolve site and check it out. They let them know that this was the ONLY place for legitimate products from their company. They also worked with many people who truly supported the brand and everything it stands for.

By doing this, LimeCrime will be able to do a full launch without having to worry about sacrificing their beliefs by having to test on animals. The two companies will work together to bring authentic products to the Chinese market.

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