iPhone X Sales Disappointing

The fact is that Apple had very high hopes for the iPhone X when it was first announced back in September, 2017. The product was manufactured to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the debut of the iPhone to the market. However, the new iPhone has proved a big disappointment to Apple. The demand for the new entry into the market is not as high as Apple predicted. Many iPhone fans did not believe the hype about the new entry or were sadly disappointed by the new smartphone.

Production Down
If you surf the Internet and take a look at various reviews surrounding the new iPhone entry, you will quickly discover that people were very displeased with the new entry because it did not live up to expectations. Apple took a close look at the low holiday sales and decided to make a few changes. Now, they are cutting back on the production of the new iPhone X. This is probably a shock to the people that supply various components to the product. Certainly, cutting production will cause a domino effect, that harms suppliers across the country and the world.

The Numbers
It was reported that high hopes for the iPhone X drove Apple to produce about 40 million units. However, this strategic move was planned back during the release of the product. Now, the tide has turned and Apple is facing dropping sales. The weak sales convinced the company to cut their production of the phone 50 percent. This is having a decidedly detrimental effect on Apple shares too. However, the production of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 are going to stay the same. It seems people are still creating high demands for those smartphones produced by Apple.

The Future
The future is not looking so bright for Apple, once the producer of the most wanted smartphone in the country and the world. However, Apple is gearing up for the launch of the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone sometime this year. Apple is counting on the new release of this phone helping them gain ground and recover from those losses experienced.

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