SoftBank Heavily Invests in Line Mobile

SoftBank has been busy investing in the most innovative new technology companies for the past few years. It recently announced a heavy investment in Line Mobile which offers telecom service. Its investment is so huge that it gives Software 51 percent of new shares. The sector of the Line Mobile businesses it now owns are valued at about $15 million. SoftBank is already a telecom in and of itself, so its professionals definitely know the material. And SoftBank is also so financially successful that it is able to put huge amounts of cash into anything it wants.

Softbank has also invested very heavily in robotics technology. In 2012 the bought Aldebaran Robotics for $100 million and in 2015 invested $20 million in Fetch Robotics. They have done this because they have recognized that robotics technology demand is particularly in rapidly rising demand. That is just one example of Softbank continuing to stretch its investment arms throughout the technology industry.

It is particularly pleased and confident in its Line Mobile investment. Line Mobile in Japan as being an extraordinarily easy, user-friendly service. That’s why it’s so popular in that country. It is even now partnering with Telenor’s operator unit to spread its popular Japanese services into Thailand and Taiwan. It now has a total of about 167 million users. Its services include unlimited data usage for any Line services, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Line Mobile was first created in 2016 by internet giant, Line Corp. Line Mobile, which is listed both on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the New York has proven incredibly financially successful. In 2017 the company earned about $75 million.
SoftBank is not alone in being a technology company that is busy heavily investing in the technology of tomorrow. It competes with two other companies for top honors in this area: NTT DoCoMo and KDDI Corp. And Line Mobile is definitely not the only mobile player in Japan. It is an incredibly busy place for multiple mobile brands right now.

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