Therapy Chatbot Treats Depression

Today, it seems like more and more people are suffering with mental health issues like anxiety to depression. Often, those people do not have anyone to share their thoughts or concerns with on a regular basis. Many might avoid seeking therapy because of the stigma that is attached to seeking mental health counseling. However, things are about to change for the better. A clinical psychologist at Stanford University created a very unique program for those suffering with mental health issues. The Woebot application was created by clinical psychologist Alison Darcy and is currently available on the iOS operating system.

Woebot Treatment
The Woebot applications use cognitive therapy to treat individuals with mental health issues. The application is designed to deliver scripted responses to the individual using the program. Clearly, this is a trend that seems to be catching on with certain segments of society. Many people feel more comfortable talking to a chatbot program and might feel very uncomfortable talking to a live therapist. The therapist that designed the software based the software on the cognitive behavioral approach to therapy. This type of therapy treats the individual by making them look at their reactions to challenging situations.

Replacement For Human Therapist
The creator of the application insists that the Woebot program is not a replacement for traditional therapy. It is merely another tool to help in the treatment of mental health issues. However, the creator of the application believes that the Woebot is something that is very unique. It is not like your typical health application. It will not help you find a mental health therapist and it does not act like a human to human relationship. Alison Darcy, the clinical psychologist at Stanford University who created Woebot, believes the Woebot is somewhere in the middle.

People Simply Need A Sounding Board
The creator of Woebot believes that the strength of the chatbot program is in the fact that people suffering from mental depression feel alone and lack support. The Woebot program acts as a sounding board, providing a way for the individual to converse with someone about their mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Woebot is a wonderful program that allows the individual to chat anytime or any place, states Woebot creator Alison Darcy.

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