McTech: The Golden Arches of the Future

When Steve Easterbrook took over as CEO of McDonalds in 2015, he knew things had to change. With technology getting bigger and better every day, McDonald’s was falling behind the curve. Since taking over Easterbrook has implemented changes using new forms of technology to bring McDonald’s back up to the forefront of fast food.

Just prior to Easterbrook taking the reigns of CEO of McDonald’s, the corporation started using ordering kiosks to see how customers reacted to them. Speculation was that the kiosks would mean less jobs for actual people, however that is not the case. Since their introduction many more locations have adopted the ordering kiosks. Instead of taking away jobs, they have just speeded up the ordering process. Employee’s still deliver the meals to you once they have been made. This is just the first of a few “upgrades” that Easterbrook has put into place to put McDonald’s ahead of the curve.

Mobile applications are a part of our everyday life, from ordering food to keeping in touch with loved ones. We all use apps every single day, and Easterbrook knows that which is why last year they rolled out the all new McDonald’s app. The biggest and most anticipated feature that came with the new application in 2017 was the ordering capabilities. Smartphone users can order and pay for their order using the application and then pick it up at the Drive-Thru. McDonald’s has stated that there are over twenty million users of it’s application.

Ever have a craving for a large fry and shake, but can’t get to the golden arches on your own? Well with new technology and a partnership with Uber Eats, you can now get your favorite McDonald’s food delivered to you. Starting in late 2016 and throughout 2017 McDonald’s had rolled out the Uber Eats program to over five thousand of their establishments. They plan to have it available in twice as many stores by 2019. Of course with this convenience comes a higher cost. Expect a check for one of these orders to be at least one and a half times higher than it would be if you picked up your food yourself.

Like the rest of the world, technology has it’s place in fast food. McDonald’s has done a good job at using technology to make their service better, quicker and more catering to the customer. It will be interesting to see how they continue to improve service as technology advances. To see even more ways McDonald’s is catering to the tech savvy generation; .

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