Jeff Aronin Puts Patients First

Jeff Aronin won the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award. The video made to celebrate the occasion also celebrates Aronin’s leadership as the Chairman and CEO of biotech companies, the co-chair of ChicagoNext and the co-chair of the incubator for health technology startup companies, Matter. It’s fittingly titled “Breaking Through with Jeff Aronin.”


It starts out with Aronin’s most fundamental value. Patients come first. For example, he developed technology, to treat D M D. It also drove him to become chair and CEO of Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital, which invests in life sciences company, including SureGene and Decade Pharmaceuticals (ParagonBiosci). As he says in the video when he can find molecules that benefit the lives of his patients, what could he do better with his life?


One of his employees, a vice-president at Paragon, recounts how one of the first things Aronin told her when she started was, “We are here for the patient.” A colleague relates how Aronin first finds the molecule or drug that benefits the patients, and then he builds the business case around it. But first, he makes sure it serves the needs of the patients.


Another value that marks Aronin’s career is leadership. He has the drive and passion to make others not only believe in him but to want to work with him ( His colleagues make that clear in the video. As one remarks, many entrepreneurs are not good at making people want to work with them. But Aronin has the personality to accomplish that.


As a successful entrepreneur himself, Aronin just naturally cares about the success of other entrepreneurs. That’s why he works with Matter, so he can help others make their business dreams come true the way he has with himself. One of the CEOs he helped out said, “There’s nothing better than innovating alongside someone who is trying to innovate themselves.” Aronin has started his own health sciences business, so teaching others to realize their visions is highly rewarding to him. He has helped to improve the quality of healthcare startup companies in Chicago.

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