Trump Signs Executive Order Bringing High Speed Internet To Rural America

An executive order recently garnered President Donald Trump’s signature, which is not anything new if you have been watching the news, but this one is something most people will be pleased with. In an effort that President Trump touts will help to build rural America, his executive order will help bring high speed internet into rural parts of the country.

It has long been believed that faster internet speeds in more rural locations could help shrink the economic divide that exists between urban and rural America. The idea has always been something intriguing, but the cost has kept it from becoming a reality. It is believed, per a 2016 report from the Federal Communications Commission, that about 39% of Americans located in rural areas do not have access to high speed internet service. An official notice from the White House stated that it is time for rural America to get connected. It is necessary for tractors, for schools, and for home-based business. It is an important step needed to help spur more private development in these areas. In the mean time, the rest of the administration will be hard at work looking for funding for this project. As with any project of this size and stature, funding is key, and it isn’t always so easy to come by. President Trump has spoken on building up infrastructure in the United States many times, this seems to be one of his plans to get that spurred.

While this is certainly not moving mountains, it is a start to a problem that should be resolved. America is a developed nation and its people should all be awarded the same or similar opportunities for growth, education, work, and financially. The addition of high speed internet in these types of locations can begin the growth that can eventually develop better and more financially stable cities across the nation. If you are looking for more information and a video of President Trump announcing his executive order, head to Huffington Post.

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