Michel Terpin Passion for Rally Driving Fuels Success

Michel Terpin began racing in 2002. He is a well known Brazilian race car driver. He has succeeded with the help of his brother Rodrigo and his hard work and perseverance. In his early years he competed in motorcycles races and eventually quit. His brother convinced him to try the T1 category of car racing.

When he started car racing it required long hour of practice and cars that were not in the best of shape. He drove on rough terrain with wet gravel and many obstacles. The conditions he had to drive under for practice were grueling.

Later he joined the Bull Sertoes team and teamed up with co-driver Swen Von Borrier. At first Swen was the navigator and later they became co-drivers. They made a good team and won several awards for finishing in the top five with other team mates. In 2014 they won the Leg of the Rallies Dos Sections.

This race was one of the longest runs they had to endure. It was over 2,000 km in a 10 day period. They raced through 10 towns through mud, wind, and cold conditions. Their cars the T-Rex had some mechanical problems that took time to fix. Still they came in fifth qualifying them to participate in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship.

When driving Michel has always tried new methods of driving and worked hard at it. He also has used his career to help bring attention to the race car industry. Michel worked to make racing an industry that gave opportunities to other drivers to participate in it. He adjusted his driving skills to meet industry changes.

His new partner Justo has been in the rally industry for years and has raced trucks and cars winning titles. Michel is also a Brazilian mobile web developer with experience in using php and building mobile applications. He designs websites for large and small businesses.

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