Is Magic Leap Truly Bringing The Stadium Experience Home?

If you have recently watched a sporting event, you might notice that the stands do not seem to be quite as full as they did in years past. Part of this is because of the increases in technology over recent years. Large screen televisions as large as 55 inches in size could be found in recent weeks after the Super bowl at big box retailers for under $300. This has made it much more convenient to watch a game at home. That’s just the beginning though now that a recent agreement was announced between Magic Leap, Turner Sports and the National Basketball Association to broadcast NBA games using the new Magic Leap technology.

The lenses that are worn for the Magic Leap system don’t just let a fan view the game, he is immersed into the entire game day experience. Fans can walk and view the game fro different angles on the court. Scoreboards are visible for fans to keep track of the rest of the action throughout the league. NBA players such as Andre Iguodala and Shaquille O’Neal have tested the viewing lenses produced by Magic Leap and walked away impressed.

Not everyone will be able feel like their home has been transformed into a NBA arena though, according to the CEO of Magic Leap, Rony Abovitz. Mr. Abovitz indicated that the technology is not cheap to produce, and therefore the end product will be quite expensive. Exact prices were not addressed, for the Magic Leap which will come in two sizes. The viewer will also have an option for corrective lenses to customize the Magic Leap viewer for customers.

The question now becomes how quickly the technology will catch on. In the end the biggest question will be if it can be produced at a price point that will allow the average sports fan to view the game. Imagine attending that NFL conference championship with a view just like you are in the first row of the stadium, but without sitting in those frigid temperatures, a very tempting proposition indeed. It’s actually so tempting that even owners of teams in the NBA, an indoor sport, have decided to invest to get in early on the potential income and limit their potential losses.

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