Internet And Technology

In recent years, people have made social media a very large part of their lives. They do not go a single day without posting, chatting, tweeting, or messaging. This new technology phase in the nation has become a normal routine for millions of people. Even children as young as two and three have the capability of getting of using tablets, and cell phones to get to a site that they enjoy. Technology, and all of the many devices are baby sitting most of the children in the nation. They can sit quietly for hours, and manipulate technological devices.

Pre teens and teenagers are so engrossed in their devices that it is difficult for them to concentrate on anything else. It seems that their entire life is devoted to social media, which can become addictive to it’s users. Teens are so engaged in this phenomenon, that they break the rules of their schools, and classrooms. Most schools have policies in place against the use of cell phones and other devices in the classrooms. Many students have been found secretly using their devices in class, thus losing focus of classroom content. They use social media to keep in touch with what’s going on outside the school.

This has become a problem worth needing intervention. The social media industry has a variety of contact program options from which individuals can use. One of the options, facebook, has noted a decline in the number of users between the ages of twelve and seventeen.
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This information was the result of a measurement made by an eMarketer firm. That particular age group has discontinued their facebook interactions and shifted to another of the social media sites. The reason for the disinterest is really not known, but teenagers do change their minds quickly, and opt for what ever is trending most often. Keeping a teen on a facebook page, or any other, for a long period of time is virtually impossible due to their desire to constantly try new things. what ever the buzz is about, that is what they will be drawn to. They want to keep their territory just for themselves, and the want it to have the capability to cater to people in their demographics.

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