Michael Burwell in the World of Finance

Michael Burwell has a long career history in the world of finance. For more than three decades, he has worked in finance and professional services. That long history has helped to establish him as an expert in the field.


Burwell is currently serving in the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company. He joined the company in this role in October 2017. The company made the announcement of the new CFO in August 2017.


By the point that Michael Burwell took the CFO position, he had already established a strong professional reputation for himself. He had just spent two decades with another well-known name in the world of business.


Before joining Willis Towers Watson, he was employed by the multinational professional services network PricewaterhouseCoopers where he enjoyed a long and varied employment. There, he held the the position of Global and US Transformation Leader. Before that, he served as the head of the company’s Global Automotive Shareholder Value Awards team, which was focused on vehicle manufacturers and other components associated with the automotive industry as it related to total shareholder return relative to the company’s Global Automotive Shareholder Value Index.


From February 2006 to October 2008, Burwell had been employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers as the company’s Head of Transaction Services Group. By that time, he had already worked for the company for a number of years. He had been a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers since 1997.


During his long career with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Burwell was responsible for a wide range of projects for both large multinationals as well as smaller companies. His work also involved evaluating the business models and projections of various private equity funds.


In addition to his work with PricewaterhouseCoopers and most recently Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company, Burwell has served as the Chairman of the Automotive Suppliers M&A Institute Conference. He has held this position for the past six years.


Burwell is also known for his activities as a speaker and writer as well. He frequently addresses automotive industry M&A and related topics. Go To This Page for more information.


Burwell’s educational background includes a B.A. in Business Administration, which was earned from Michigan State University. He also holds certification as a CPA.


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Troy McQuagge Is Honored For His Excellece And Dedication In The Business World

Troy McQuagge of the USHEALTH Group has received the high honor of being named as the Gold Winner of the prestigious and coveted One Planet Awards. This is a global award and includes many worldwide industries. Hopeful organizations submit the names of the candidates they believe have showed true excellence and skill in business. Candidates are entered into different categories reflecting their contributions to the world of business and professionalism.

Trot McQuagge helped rebuild the USHEALTH Group shortly after he went to work for the healthcare insurance company in 2010. He began his efforts with the captive distribution agency and was quite successful in his endeavors. His success combined with his ability to show skill, strategy, and hard work led to his election as the President in 2014. Since he took over the leadership role for the USHEALTH Group the company has continued to grow and thrive and become very competitive in their market.

When Troy McQuagge accepted his award he did so with honor and pride. He spoke of the people who worked so hard to make the company a success and declared the award to be a team effort. He plans to continue to make the USHEALTH Group a leader in their market with affordable and innovative solutions designed to fill the needs of their client base. As healthcare needs continue to grow he wants his company to be there to fill those needs.

The goal of the One Planet Awards is to ensure companies receive the recognition they deserve when they show dedication and outstanding excellence in their perspective fields. They honor the individuals who are the most professional and excel in their positions with distinctive categories including teams, executives, services, new products, and so much more. For more info. Visit:https://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/Troy+McQuagge+Honored+as+Most+Innovative+CEO+of+the+Year%3A+Insurance+in+the+Annual+2016+CEO+World+Awards%C2%AE/11952264.html

When the life of Troy McQuagge is examined it is a true story of success. His life began in Panama City, Florida where he was raised. The University of Central Florida provided his education and his hard work rewarded him with a B.A. Once he graduated he was optimistic about finding a good job and building a career. This was 1983 and the year he found Allstate insurance. He succeeded in his first position and then went to work for the United Insurance Companies.

It did not take long before Troy McQuagge US Health was recognized as a man with a unique style and as a leader. By 1997 he was the President for an agency of the United Insurance Company. His diligence impressed his bosses and his hard work placed him well beyond their expectations. During this period of time he set numerous records for sales. His current career began when he moved to USHEALTH Advisors in 2010. Read more about  Troy McQuagge US Health on About.me


Internet And Tech: Wag! App Investments

Wag!, an on demand dog walking app, recently raised $300 million from SoftBank Vision Fund. This marks the largest investment in the Wag! app since its start. Wag! launched its app in 2015, and began seeking investors for the industry transforming platform in 2017. Investors included approximately 10 investors in initial discussions, including NEA and Kleiner Perkins. Initial investors dropped out of discussions, leaving the door open for SoftBank, who had initially wanted to invest no less than $300 million. The popular app allows dog owners to connect with nation-wide professional dog walking and boarding services.

SoftBank invests in entrepreneurs, whose technologies offer opportunities to change existing industries. Wag! offers such an opportunity to investors seeking to invest in new technologies. Jeffrey Housenbold,Managing Partner of SoftBank Investment Advisers explained their reasons for investing in Wag!, and made it clear where he thinks the Wag! business model is going.

“Wag! is a clear leader in the rapidly growing global market for pet care services, and we’re delighted to support their mission and team.”

SoftBank has also invested in other companies offering technological advances, such as WeWork. They also invested in Didi Chuxing, Uber, Grab, and Katerra. SoftBank is not Wag’s only investor, though it is the company’s largest investor. Previous investors include General Catalyst, Battery Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Sherpa Capital, as well as others. Previous Wag! investments included combined amounts of $68 million.

The pet service app was originally launched in Los Angeles and New York City, and now has expanded to more than 100 cities. The growing popularity of the app allows pet owners to not only connect with, and hire professional dog walkers, but to also track the walk through live GPS mapping, embedded in the app. Pet owners may also obtain an activity report following the walk, and get a free lock box for convenient dog walker home access. The Wag! business app allows convenience to pet owners, as well as financial opportunities for investors in this ever expanding market.

Nick Vertucci and the New Career Path in Real Estate for Aspiring Investors

Everyone loves the stories of people who struggled during the initial years of life but fought back and harvested success in the later parts of their lives. When it comes to Nick Vertucci, a leading real estate investor in the United States, the conclusion is more appropriate as he also helped thousands of others to garner success in their respective lives following the path of Nick. With his life experience, Nick advises people not to evaluate one’s life with their initial years as it cannot make any significance in their future.

Though his initial years were painful and struggling, Nick Vertucci was determined to make success in his life. He began with computer parts business, but the dot-com crash in 2000 made a halt on his dreams. During those years, one of his friends introduced him to real estate investments and asked him to attend a training program. It changed his life, and he quickly grabbed the opportunities given by the industry. After spending more than a decade in the industry and tasting significant financial success, Nick Vertucci wanted to help people who are struggling but dreaming of a better future.

With that thought, he set up Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, also known as NVREA, in 2013. Nick wanted to share his knowledge and insights about the real estate investments to the aspiring entrepreneurs in the sector. The Academy grew into one of the leading real estate program institutes in the country with consistent results and stories of financial success by its students. Interestingly, the training program offered by Nick is comprehensive and touching all the important areas of real estate investment.

The training program is designed to complete in 3-4 days, and he conducts the program in all the major American cities at regular intervals of time. Nick Vertucci classifies the real estate investments into three different stages. The initial process is Get In, where the investor should identify his property pick and lock it for the lowest price possible. Secondly, they should go for a Get Out, where the property is renovated and repaired to flip it. Finally, focus on Get Paid, where the real estate investors flip the property and earn their profit.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEtnxvphpkE

Internet And Tech News: Amazon Opens First Cashier-less Supermarket

For those who wondered how long until artificial intelligence begins changing the customer shopping experience that day is already here. With the recent launch of the Amazon Go cashier-less Seattle store long lines and waiting are a thing of the past. These shop and go supermarkets allow consumers the convenience of picking up items, and leaving the store without ever having to stop and pay.

Store customers sign up for an Amazon account, download the Amazon Go App before shopping, and scan a QR code. Stores are equipped with AI advanced sensors. When customers pick up items sensors detect it, as well as when customers put items back on the shelf. Also eliminated is the need to return items. Customers can receive a refund on an item without ever returning to the store. It’s a futuristic method of shopping, but saves time and offers a high level of convenience to shop and go, without having to pay a cashier before leaving the store.

Most physical grocery stores are already equipped with automated machines for added convenience so the idea of a totally cashier-less shopping experience is not completely new. Consumers are already used to the convenience of online automated shopping when ordering groceries as well. The idea of a store loaded with sensors and AI technology is new, but represents added savings to the customer and the business as it reduces shop lifting, and adds safety to stores.

The Amazon Go store in Seattle, Washington is the only cashier-less store, linked to the app, currently open to the public. Others are undoubtedly on the way, and may introduce a higher level of automation in the grocery industry as a whole. Amazon Go stores will not be void of employees. Employees are still needed to stock shelves, and oversee other sections of the store, such as the beer and wine section. Many labor advocates point to automation as a loss of jobs across industries, such as in fast food, and manufacturing, but Amazon points out previous positions will simply be absorbed into new positions. This may increase as needs and technologies advance. In a marketplace with varied products and services, it is ultimately consumers who decide what changes and shopping experiences are acceptable.

How Shiraz Boghani Rose To Business Prominence

If you haven’t already heard of Shiraz Boghani, he is the recipient of the 2016 Asian Business Award, a hotelier, and most notably, Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, one of the fastest growing hospitality groups in the United Kingdom. If you’re unfamiliar with the Splendid Hospitality Group, it is a chain of hotels that includes everything from the budget-friendly to the luxurious. Their hotel lineup includes the recently acquired New Ellington Hotel and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow, as well several top performing hotel brands like the Holiday Inn London, The Conrad London St. James, The York, and many others.

Not being one to place all his eggs in one basket, Boghani also Co-founded Sussex Health Care, and although it an entirely different business model, when compared to the hotel industry, it has proven to be equally successful. Sussex Health Care is a New England based health group that has made it their mission to provide best in class elderly care, as well specialist care aimed at treating individuals with either physical or learning disabilities. In addition to being fiscally successful, Sussex Health Care has earned the international standard ISO 9000:2000, which represents a triumphant milestone for the company. If you’re unfamiliar with ISO 9000:2000, it is an international standard widely used to measure several key areas including the quality of goods being sold to consumers, standards of service, safety, and reliability.

Read more on behance.net

What makes Sussex Health Care so unique? Well, in addition to being an ISO certified company, Sussex Health Care is committed to providing their patients with the best care possible, which is accomplished by investing in specialized equipment, facilities, and continuous training for their staff. Sussex Health Care provides palliative care, but they are best known for providing neurological care for those afflicted with dementia and other neurological diseases. As far as continuous training for their staff, Sussex Health Care partners with a variety of colleges to help develop and institute educational programs, that will allow staff members to better serve patients.

What is Shiraz Boghani’s background? After immigrating to the UK in 1969, he began working as an accountant for KPMG, a global network of professional firms that provide advisory, audit, and tax services. By the time the 1980s rolled around, Shiraz Boghani had his sights set on entrepreneurship, and by 1985, he Co-founded Sussex Health Care, and by 1986, became the founder of the Splendid Hospitality Group. Although immensely successful in the business arena, Boghani believes in giving back to the community; he is not only a member of the National Council for the Ismaili Community but also, a resource development convener for the Aga Khan Foundation, a not-for-profit international development agency.

Learn more about Shiraz Boghani: https://www.asiantimesonline.co.uk/winner-shiraz-boghani-chairman-splendid-hospitality-group/

Ted Bauman’s Take on Bitcoin’s Future

Editor of The Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman describes himself as a Bitcoin Skeptic. He offers insight into the potential shortcomings of the bitcoin currency in view of its current capacity.

He creates a scenario set in 2020, at an airport parking garage to explain how a bitcoin currency will work in case you lose your real wallet and are left with no cash or cards. The alternative would be to rely on your virtual bitcoin wallet. After taking a tiresome flight and arriving at airport parking, you pay the fee and wait approximately 20 minutes to receive your ticket. This is the time frame you should expect to wait out in order for your transaction to process, provided that the underlying technology of bitcoin doesn’t change.

He concludes if things carry on the way they are at present, bitcoin is definitely not going to happen. However, he also mentions there are fixtures underway, which can potentially earn you profit if you play strategically.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is decentralized; this aspect makes bitcoin secure and untraceable. It cannot be subject to government manipulation either. Read more about Ted Bauman at talkmarkets.com

Bitcoins are created by expanding an algorithm – this is done through an intensive computer process called mining. Anybody sending or receiving bitcoins must wait for the mining process to be completed. This can be very time consuming,especially compared to credit card transactions, in which 150 million transactions are processed per day and up to 24,000 per second. The bitcoin network so far only processes about 6.5 transactions per day, taking up to 10 minutes per transaction.

Ted Bauman suggests reducing the amount of data processed in each bitcoin or enlarging the blocks so that more information can be processed at a time. Reducing the size of the block will speed up the transaction process. This can be done by adopting a segregated technology called SegWit2x, which a majority of bitcoin miners voted in favor of. However, shifting some data out of new data blocks can make bitcoin less secure. To counter this, bitcoin miners commenced a “hard fork”. The process uses a different technology to start a new chain of transactions and can’t technically be called bitcoin, so the miners call it ‘Bitcoin Cash’.

The SegWit2x proposal to alter bitcoin’s blockchain was revoked last week, which resulted in sellers resorting to Bitcoin cash. Bitcoin tanked for this reason.

Realizing the cons of bitcoin, there will be more forks like this in the near future as there seems to be no other way to resolve its drawbacks. However, owning bitcoin could be redeemed for whatever currency that is forked off next.

Ted Bauman is an analyst that offers foresight into future developments in many fields. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and currently serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Alert. His expertise lies in asset protection, international migration issues and privacy. He also offers low-risk investment strategies. He is based in Atlanta, GA, where he lives with his family. Read more:http://thesovereigninvestor.com/precisionprofits/ted-bauman/


Internet and Tech: Amazon and Investors Form Healthcare Company

Healthcare costs have risen astronomically in recent years, leaving many Americans uninsured, and others in fear of losing coverage. Even those with insurance are often forced into positions of obtaining health loans, suffering unexpected health problems, with lack of enough coverage for needed services. Government funded healthcare has done little to bridge the gap of rising costs. Though government healthcare was a solution for some, it didn’t solve rising health costs, or lack of coverage for millions of other Americans. In addition, when leading healthcare insurers began pulling out of affordable care, the government was little equipped to stop them.

As the political debates regarding healthcare options continue, private financial companies, assisted by leaders in technology, are opting for more immediate solutions for their employees. Amazon, JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway, owned by Warren Buffett, announced they intend to partner to find an overall healthcare solution for their United States employees. The companies intend to form an independent company that will focus on new technologies, which they say will result in simplifying the healthcare process, provide more transparency, and higher quality healthcare at affordable rates. They also hope to eliminate problems within present insurance models, including high levels of profit that contribute to rising costs. Such a venture may ultimately prove viable for all Americans, if successful.

Interest in the healthcare market is also not new for Amazon, who recently expanded into other industries, such as food and pharmacy. As early as last year, news outlets began reporting Amazon health industry ventures. Such ventures included the formation of a health tech team, entry into telemedicine, and wholesale pharmacy licenses. Amazon’s expanding technical role into various industries has resulted in more customer convenience, reduced costs, and faster turnaround times in those industries.

What this new healthcare company will end up looking like, the technologies or services included in an industry presently built around high costs and competition is presently unknown. Plans for this independent health insurance company are still in very beginning stages. If successful, such a venture could certainly provide a cost reducing model for other companies, and may result in a catalyst for change for the U.S. health crisis.

Trump Signs Executive Order Bringing High Speed Internet To Rural America

An executive order recently garnered President Donald Trump’s signature, which is not anything new if you have been watching the news, but this one is something most people will be pleased with. In an effort that President Trump touts will help to build rural America, his executive order will help bring high speed internet into rural parts of the country.

It has long been believed that faster internet speeds in more rural locations could help shrink the economic divide that exists between urban and rural America. The idea has always been something intriguing, but the cost has kept it from becoming a reality. It is believed, per a 2016 report from the Federal Communications Commission, that about 39% of Americans located in rural areas do not have access to high speed internet service. An official notice from the White House stated that it is time for rural America to get connected. It is necessary for tractors, for schools, and for home-based business. It is an important step needed to help spur more private development in these areas. In the mean time, the rest of the administration will be hard at work looking for funding for this project. As with any project of this size and stature, funding is key, and it isn’t always so easy to come by. President Trump has spoken on building up infrastructure in the United States many times, this seems to be one of his plans to get that spurred.

While this is certainly not moving mountains, it is a start to a problem that should be resolved. America is a developed nation and its people should all be awarded the same or similar opportunities for growth, education, work, and financially. The addition of high speed internet in these types of locations can begin the growth that can eventually develop better and more financially stable cities across the nation. If you are looking for more information and a video of President Trump announcing his executive order, head to Huffington Post.

Jeff Aronin Puts Patients First

Jeff Aronin won the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award. The video made to celebrate the occasion also celebrates Aronin’s leadership as the Chairman and CEO of biotech companies, the co-chair of ChicagoNext and the co-chair of the incubator for health technology startup companies, Matter. It’s fittingly titled “Breaking Through with Jeff Aronin.”


It starts out with Aronin’s most fundamental value. Patients come first. For example, he developed technology, to treat D M D. It also drove him to become chair and CEO of Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital, which invests in life sciences company, including SureGene and Decade Pharmaceuticals (ParagonBiosci). As he says in the video when he can find molecules that benefit the lives of his patients, what could he do better with his life?


One of his employees, a vice-president at Paragon, recounts how one of the first things Aronin told her when she started was, “We are here for the patient.” A colleague relates how Aronin first finds the molecule or drug that benefits the patients, and then he builds the business case around it. But first, he makes sure it serves the needs of the patients.


Another value that marks Aronin’s career is leadership. He has the drive and passion to make others not only believe in him but to want to work with him (https://www.jeffaronin.com/). His colleagues make that clear in the video. As one remarks, many entrepreneurs are not good at making people want to work with them. But Aronin has the personality to accomplish that.


As a successful entrepreneur himself, Aronin just naturally cares about the success of other entrepreneurs. That’s why he works with Matter, so he can help others make their business dreams come true the way he has with himself. One of the CEOs he helped out said, “There’s nothing better than innovating alongside someone who is trying to innovate themselves.” Aronin has started his own health sciences business, so teaching others to realize their visions is highly rewarding to him. He has helped to improve the quality of healthcare startup companies in Chicago.

More about Jeff Aronin on LinkedIn