AOL Messenger Turns the Lights Off

After being in service for 20 years AOL Messenger is finally deciding to shut down. This is a Messenger Service application that has been around for a long time. Everyone that was using a computer to get on the internet in the nineties is well aware of America Online and the joy that came with being able to chat with people through AOL Messenger.

This is the company that has had a great run, but it did not keep up with all of the changes in technology. Unlike other companies that have managed to thrive and evolve as the market changed America Online was unable to benefit from staying in place as an communication platform with Messenger.

This is sort of strange when people consider the way that Netflix has evolved from a company that ships DVDs into a multimillion-dollar streaming service that actually produces shows. As Blockbuster and the Movie Gallery closed doors and went out of business. Netflix was still able to provide entertainment and evolve along with customers.

The AOL Messenger platform, by contrast, was not able to become a successful because it was challenged so heavily by so many other communication platforms. People that were interested in Messenger would find themselves struggling to communicate with this app because there were so many other opportunities with better enhanced apps.

People that have iPhones can simply connect with people this way. They also have iMessage and this makes the communication instant. A ton of people are using Facebook Messenger to communicate with friends. There are so many opportunities to communicate outside of AOL Messenger so it doesn’t make sense for most people to continue utilizing this.

That is essentially where America Online went wrong. The messenger platform did not evolve in a way where it would be conducive to communication. It was something that was simple and effective for the time that it was introduced, but it never really reached the type of potential that would allow it to work as well as other sites. It became something of an outdated application because of the parent company that it was connected to. Most people frown on anything that contains the name America Online (AOL). The name is a reference to an outdated company.

Embark: World’s First Long Distance Self-Driving Truck

As technology continues to progress every year it has become standard to see fascinating headlines in regards to new revolutionary technology. It comes as no surprise to see the recent headlines that a self-driving semi truck just completed the world first trip across the country.
From the company Embark, the world’s first self-driving semi truck just finished the journey from Los Angeles to Jacksonville with only limited support from the onboard human driver. The trip was a total of 2400 miles which he completed in five days. During the trip, the truck was able to be driven for hours at a time with no human interference. According to Alex Rodriguez the CEO of Embark even when human intervention did occur it would only last a few seconds.
It is marvelous the amount of technology that had to come together to make this feat possible. Inside of the truck machine learning software along with input feeds from five cameras, three radars and to light sensors came together in real time to help avoid crashes.
The data from this trip has not yet been processed however it has already been considered a success and plans have been made to have the autonomous technology installed in over 40 tractor-trailers by the end of 2018.
The pace of development with these technologies has raised fears of displacement of truck job workers. Alex Rodriguez, the CEO of Embark, has assured members of the transportation industry that these autonomous self-driving trucks are not meant to take jobs away but only to increase productivity.
The vision of the company is to local drivers by having the autonomous trucks cooperate to handle difficult long-haul routes. This will address the current driver shortage and be able to help increase productivity across the industry. This is not the first trip made by a self-driving truck however it is the longest. Already in November one of the self-driving trucks from Embark completed a journey of over 600 miles where the only human interference occurred when the truck was traveling off of the highway. At these times the human driver took control but as soon as the truck was back on the highway autonomy was given to the computers. The matter how you feel about this technology it is clear that change is coming to the industry.

The Next War to be Fought in Space?

Speaking at the Air Force’s 34th annual Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein said that America would be fighting a war from space within a matter of years. This statement was followed by Goldfein saying that to prepare for this new battleground the USAF needed new tools, new weapons, and new approaches to leadership in the coming years. Funding seems to be the most integral part of preparing for this coming star war, and the Air Force is currently requesting $8.5 billion in 2019 to dedicate toward space programs. $5.9 billion will be dedicated to research and development to ensure both tools and weaponry is prepared for space combat. The little over two billion dollars left will go toward the procurement of satellites and building of launch services.

This is far from the first time the Air Force has spoken on the need for space supremacy, however, with Representative Mike Rogers, a chairman for the Strategic Forces Subcommittee recently having gone as far as recommending that a ‘Space Corps’ be founded. This new division of the military would take inspiration from the Marine Corps and would have a focus of keeping the U.S. ahead of rivals such as Russia and China in the field of space warfare. Roger’s proposal to found the first new military fighting branch in seventy years, was not well received however, and was formally scrapped this past December. This proposition for a space based fighting force was the initial incitement for General Goldfein’s comments at the Air Warfare Symposium.

Goldfein’s speech emphasized the that the Air Force was the logical choice when considering which branch should spearhead innovation of space warfare. The USAF certainly has its work cut out for it in that department however, and may even be behind countries like China already. Goldfein even went so far as to make formal orders for Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast, Commander of Air Education and Training Command to develop a training program for space operations. For the full story and for further details on Goldfein’s groundbreaking speech check out Gizmodo’s coverage at

Heartache for Ratings

Imagine ratings going up for a show based on an on-screen heartbreak. Imagine no more because that is exactly what happened on “The Bachelor.” The ratings this season compared to recent years have been low as BuzzFeed News reported last week. It seems that the show’s producers cooked up a plan to leak that Arie Luyendyk Jr. would be choosing to date the woman he had previously rejected. The spin is that he would choose her only after choosing to propose to someone else and changing his mind in order to be with the rejected woman. This leak was shared by magazines all over. Us magazine even reported the scandal on it’s cover. The magazine report was not revealing as to who exactly the women were, therefore not naming them by names. The report simply stated that Arie would be proposing to one and then changing his mind for another.

This story line is what sent rating skyrocketing with 7.8 million viewers. Even so, the finale last year with Nick Viall drew in 8.2 million viewers. It is believed to be Arie not being very charismatic was part of the reason why ratings were down. Another reason is believed to be the fact that some of the dates the bachelor took the ladies on this season where a little dull. The date that took place in the Fort Lauderdale, FL bowling alley.

The finale that took place on Monday was three hours long. First Arie proposed to Becca Kufrin. In place of the usual last hour engaged couple’s called the After the Final Rose update that is held during the last hour of the season finale, that hour was used to crush Becca while the cameras were rolling.

Those who were bachelors and bachelorettes previously were homogeneously angered by this live and unscripted on camera breakup. It was even heartlessly announced to the audience that it was about to happen by the show’s host Chris Harrison. It was said as if raw, live heartache was a good thing.

How Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is Changing Women’s Lives

     If there is an entrepreneur changing the online dating scene, then it is must be Whitney Wolfe. She has completely diversified the game for men and women looking for partners in the dating app, Bumble. A former co-founder of Tinder she left the company amidst allegation of sexual harassment. She then joined forces with Andrew Andreev (CEO and founder of Badoo) to found Bumble. The Chief Executive Officer at Bumble came up with the idea of women making the first move when looking for potential partners. In case of same-sex users then either party can make the first move. Based in Austin Texas, the app has more than 22 million users worldwide, seventy employees and is currently valued by Forbes at $1 billion. This is such a huge success for a 28-year old whose company has only been in existence for less than four years.

Bumble BFF

In early 2016, Bumble launched an extension called Bumble BFF allowing users to find and connect with platonic friends. It takes out the stress out of someone who is not interested in romantic relationships. Just like Bumble a user swipes left or right to show interest to other users. If there is a match, then the two must communicate within 24 hours or else the match disappears. The Bumble BFF is suitable for millennials living in large cities where finding friends can be a challenge.

Bumble Bizz

Then in October 2017 Whitney’s team launched Bumble Bizz, a professional networking extension on Bumble. This is specifically for users who want to connect with other professionals in the same field. So a user has to create a bio showing off their skills, education and experiences and a photograph of themselves. Just like Bumble the dating app, users swipe left when they don’t want to connect with the person and right when they are interested. If it is a match, then they also have 24 hours to communicate. It also gives the power to the women, they also have to make the first move. Unlike LinkedIn, Bumble Bizz is not based on finding jobs but rather mentoring and networking.

It is clear that Bumble the company is targeting all aspects of women interactions. That is, career (Bizz), social (BFF) and romance (Bumble). More so, users can switch between the three modes easily. The Chief Executive Officer, Whitney Wolfe came with the concept of women making the first move from her own experience when she approached her boyfriend Michael Herd who is now her husband. Whitney and Michael got married in a beautiful wedding in South Italy in October 2017.

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Mercedes-Benz is Shining New Lights Ahead

Technology is always pushing the limits of what we believe to be possible. New tech helps us complete tasks easier or quicker. Mercedes has other things in mind with their Maybach S-Class headlights because they want us to get places safer.

In 2009, Mercedes-Benz showed off an Experimental Safety Vehicle. The vehicle was shown with all sorts of new safety bells and whistles. Mercedes showed us inflating seatbelt airbags, a back seat camera to watch your younger passengers, and main particle beam intelligent headlights. The headlights had a 100 LEDs built into the headlight that worked individually giving them the ability to make adjustments to the lighting, based on information they received from sensors.

The headlights that Mercedes showed us in 2009 were early concepts of what is on display today. Mercedes-Benz is calling the project, Digital Light, and will be rolling out on select S-Class vehicles within the next couple of months. Digital Light will have 2 million pixels built into their headlights. The technology will be able to give you a display of information on the road ahead.

Many new features of the lighting system are present like the ability to display Light reflective paint in HD to assist the driver. Other new features include showing the total width of white lines on the road to better help you navigate the width of the car between them and speed-sensitive distance markers that will warn you of how far away you should be from the vehicle in front of you. More display information will be coming to the advance headlights like a blind spot warning and selective light dimming as not to harm a person’s vision when the high beams onto oncoming traffic.

Two million pixels in your head lights may just be the beginning of what Mercedes-Benz will be doing with Digital Light. The functionality of this new head light technology is limitless. Mercedes states that Digital Light will only grow more intelligent over time giving Mercedes-Benz a better view on what they can shine their lights on next.

The Beginning of the Strut Down the Runway

The runway was the began the rise of the American consumer culture as we know it today. Fashion show history unlike the history of they little black dress, the high heel, the corset or the little black, the history of the runway is hard to find. The mainstay of promotion in the multi-billion dollar fashion industry. The fashion show was the center of the American department store development.

When you think about fashion, you think about what’s next. The cheif curator and director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology says “The topic of fashion shows remains to find its historian.” The fashion world says “why hash over yesterdays’s clothes.”

What does have a history is New York’s Fashion Week. The week long fashion celebration takes place twice a year. Fashion week began in 1943 as an attempt to overthrow the French. Press Week was organized by a well-known fashion publicist by the name of Eleanor Lambert. The PR realized that 1943 was an advantageous time in fashion. American designers used to rely on the French culture for fashion inspiration before World War II. Due to France being occupied by the Germans in 1940, editors, buyers, and designers were no longer allowed to travel to Paris in order to be present at fashion shows. The fashion world was chafed by this.

Aside from not having the influence of the French culture, American fashion was still making great strides in the fashion world. The American fashion was using homegrown techniques and materials. Press week was held between the Plaza and Pierre Hotels.

Just like Press Week, Fashion Week has given a platform to American writers and editors in order to reach an international audience by showcasing America’s greatest work at one given time and place. It is said that the same way movies belong to Hollywood, fashion belongs to Manhattan. The first fashion show in history is believed to have been organized by former Vogue editor, Edna Woodman in 1954.

A 26 Year Old Women Tells How Reaching For Stardom Can Put You In Debt

As reported on, a woman who is 26 years of age, gained a debt of $10,000 while trying to become an Instagram sensation. The woman admitted to putting herself in to debt while attempting to be a star. In order to get the “perfect gram” she created a lifestyle that consisted of elaborate shopping sprees every month, purchasing and carrying designer handbags, and traveling all over. Although she is not proud of the way she was spending money just trying to create a popular Instagram page, there is one “gram” worthy thing that she continues and that is her monthly membership to Rent The Runway. Rent the Runway provides designer accessory and dress rentals through an online service.

While trying to become rich and famous, Lissette Calveiro, revealed how instead, she became in financial ruins. In 2013, she moved to Miami from New York. Her position as an intern had Lissette feeling like a “Sex and the City Dream.” Thanks to her Instagram post of her expensive outfits, holiday celebrations, and constant brunches, no one would ever know that her finances were in shambles. Considering the only thing that her internship covered was travel, Lissette spent everything she earned from her part-time retail job and all over her saving just to live.

After Calveiro retuned to Miami to live, she was continuing to live a $10,000 per month lifestyle. She felt she needed to purchase the right cloths in order to take pictures to post on Instagram for her followers and in an effort to gain new followers. The lie that Calveiro was living was creating a looming dept over her. Living above her means was bringing her down.

Lissette did not believe in being seen in the same outfit twice. She would go on a $200 shopping spree every month. Digging herself deeper and deeper in to debt. She would spend the upwards of $1,000 per designer handbag. Every month she was traveling to new locations. She had made it her goal to collect at least 12 of Snapchats digital passport stamps called geo filters. She says that most of her 2016 traveling that she did was strictly for Instagram.

Penelope Kokkinides Of InnovaCare Is Dedicated To Innovation

According to Penelope Kokkinides InnovaCare’s trick to success is staying abreast of developments in an industry rife with change. Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare. With 20 years of experience under her belt in the healthcare field, Kokkinides has wide range of skills in creating and optimizing healthcare provisions. She is also an expert in government run services such as Medicare and Medicaid.


Prior to InnovaCare Kokkinides served Vice President and COO of Centerlight Inc. as COO of Touchstone-Health HMO. A returning member to the management team, Kokkindes served as COO for InnovaCare back in 2009 to 2014. An ardent supporter of technological innovations in healthcare Kokkindes sat down to talk shop on what it is to be a successful entrepreneur.


According to Kokkinides the trick is to always be informed. She spends hours reading articles, research books, resources, and publication so that she is always aware of every change coming to the healthcare industry. InnovaCare Inc. pays close attention to revolutions within healthcare. One of InnovaCare’s core tenants is to work with networks that push the boundaries of medical study. Currently it is the largest healthcare network in Puerto Rico and offers plans and services for U.S. markets as well.


A leading provider for healthcare, payer, and services, Innovacare serves around 467,000 members. Kokkinides opinion is in order to offer true quality healthcare it is important to know how things are moving. The advancement of technology has already spearheaded many breakthroughs in the medical field. Healthcare providers need to stay ahead of such innovation if they do not wish to be left behind. For Kokkinides technology has already changed the way she works. Click Here for more information.


For business Penelope Kokkinides has had to a lot of travel. When asked about the biggest trend she has observed in medical coverage, she replied that communication and integration using technology is the biggest one. Using such technology, she is able to communicate more effectively, stay connected, and even facilitate certain things without having to travel. It has made her life easier, but it also improves the way InnovaCare Health can communicate with their clientele. In this way they are able to optimize their service, increasing the quality of their care. This is one example of watching changes in the market and creating new strategies to embrace them.

Washington State In The Fight For Net Neutrality

The debate surrounding net neutrality has reached an all-time high. Just recently Washington state past the country’s most stringent legislation in regards to this issue. ( ) This legislation had aims to help regulate Internet access for residents of Washington state and was cleared by the state Senate with a vote of 35 to 14. In a rare display of bipartisan action, the bill to protect net neutrality was passed by the House of Representatives in a 93 to 5 vote on February 9.
All other state governments have been scrambling to scrap the regulations put on net neutrality by the federal government Washington’s policy officially the grandest. This law applies to all Internet service providers that serve residents regardless of any deals made with the state. In accordance with this law, any blocking of Internet service would be illegal. This disallows the use of premium Internet fast lanes which companies have tried to offer.
This is all in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s recent abolishment of net neutrality regulations which it deemed restoring Internet freedom. This decision was met with controversy however the Federal Communications Commission claimed that policy with preemptive of the authority of state governments. Washington state has challenged this presumption arguing that just because the Federal Communications Commission claims that it has the power to preempt state laws does not mean that it actually is capable of doing so.
Net neutrality continues to be a source of contention among Internet service providers who are trying to implement new changes that will regulate the way the Internet is used. The residents of Washington state are very grateful to have a government which they claim is supportive of their freedoms and rights as individuals. In fact, it is now popular for many to say that access to the Internet access to more than just a business concern but a matter of personal freedom. As legislation continues to be made regarding these issues, it is sure that this is not the end of the road. While this issue will almost certainly be heading to court, it is refreshing to see a state government which has the interests of its citizens put ahead of the interests of corporations.