A Minnesotan Company Could Solve the Wireless Problem in Rural America

A wireless system, instead of a fiber optic system, seems to be the solution to bringing the Internet to rural people in the United States.

The main reason for this is that Google decided in 2016 that it will no longer invest in fiber optic lines. It will concentrate its investment on wireless internet technology.

People in America will get the signal from a fixed communications tower. This signal will deliver the internet link to people’s homes.

Woodstock Communications, a company in the state of Minnesota, has built these towers in two Minnesotan counties. Their competition has set up this tower system in other parts of the state.

Terry Nelson, a vice president of Woodstock Communications, sees this tower system as the solution to bringing the Internet to its customers.

Most of the Minnesotan state government’s money goes to fiber-optic projects. Nelson and other people in the wireless industry want the funding to go to their tower wireless project.

Nelson believes that his project can reach up to 6 to 7 miles and that they can deliver 50 megabits per second to their seconds. This is double what Minnesotans usually get and they will not get that speed until 2022..

Nelson thinks that his wireless system can be an important part in the state reaching its connectivity goals. He prefers his wireless system to the wireless of the past as his system is not affected by the weather.

The true advantage of Nelson’s system is the cost. The price of a typical fiber optic line is $20,000 per mile to get installed. That could be an expensive way to get the lines to people’s homes. Nelson’s company wants the lines to go to their towers and use a radio signal to bring the Internet to the homes of people. This way should bring wi fi to people at the tenth of the price of fiber.

Jeff Salmon, a Woodstock Communications customer, is very enthusiastic about this project and believes it to be fantastic, consistent and smooth. He has no downtime with is service from Woodstock so far.

Nelson’s tower system could be the solution for bringing wi fi to the rural people of America.

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