Facebook Losing Touch With Younger Generation

In the beginning, Facebook was a networking platform that was created for college students. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook achieved amazing success with the college crowd and soon expanded to numerous colleges across the country. Soon, it was made available online to anyone with an email address. Most of the early users were young people. The older generation was very reluctant to use the social media platform. However, a recent study showed that Facebook is losing touch with the younger generation. In fact Facebook lost millions of users that were under 25.

Facebook Is For Older People
Recent studies performed by an organization outside of Facebook showed that the social platform was losing out on several youth groups. Those youth groups were the under 25 crowd that generally are the heaviest users of the social media platforms. Of course, the younger generation loved Facebook in the beginning. Facebook was probably very happy with that demographic because they attract more advertisers. More advertisers means more profits for Facebook. Taking a look at the numbers, its easy to note that under 25 years old users declines dramatically. In fact, this is a steady decline that seems to be continuing.

What Led To The Decline
There are a number of factors that led to the decline of the under 25 Facebook users. Early on, Facebook was the place to share all your information and to keep up with friends, schoolmates, and other associates. Parents simply did not get Facebook. Therefore, this fact improved the cool factor of using the social media site. However, Facebook has gone old school. Now, Facebook is the social media of choice for your parents and grandparents. The younger crowd prefer other social media sites to share quick bits of information. The under 25 crowd are not that interested in sharing their time line with followers. Today, Snapchat and Instagram are the place to go for the under 25 crowd.

Future Predictions
Marketers online, predict that Facebook will lose even more of their under 25 users in the future. However, the same group predicts that more and more older users will continue to use Facebook well into the future. Certainly, a bit of good news for Facebook and advertisers.

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