Did Facebook Help Fund Trump’s Campaign

Facebook is a popular social media platform that is heavily used by people of all ages around the country and around the world. Even-though the social media platform is losing more and more younger users, its still attracting more mature users that are voting age. A lot of those voting age citizens are heavy users of Facebook and they were paying a lot of attention to Trump’s advertising and campaign messages on Facebook during the 2016 campaign. Facebook insiders state that they knew that Trump was gaining a greater growing voter base and contributions on Facebook than his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s Primary Source Of Funding
Those that wondered who was funding Trump’s campaign should look no further than Facebook. Trumps’ campaign managers were able to use vital statistics and advertising tools on Facebook to build a profile that would attract more people with their targeted ads. In essence the campaign was able to build a picture of the type of person that would vote for Trump. They targeted those specific Trump ad campaigns at guaranteed Trump supporters. Insiders state that Hillary Clinton ads sent out complicated messages that did not speak directly to the voter. However, Trump sent out very simple messages that spoke to the voter. Trumps simple messages received millions of likes and shares.

The Big Guns
Trump’s campaign managers called in the big guns to further target the right audience on Facebook. For example, they called in Cambridge Analytica. The data analytic company specialized in the shady side of analytics that heavily involved psychology, psycho metrics and profiling. Certainly, a lot of the messages that were prepared and released to the public preyed on the fear and anxiety that voters held on a lot of topics that were discussed in the campaigns by Clinton and Trump. Trump campaign managers discovered a way to use the Facebook platform that would work for their campaign and attract millions of contributions and Trump supporters, while Hillary Clinton’s campaign message lagged in contrast.

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