Samsung’s Game Changer: Their Newest 30TB SSD

Today, Samsung has revolutionized the computer world.

They have successfully put out their newest soild state drive, one which holds 30 terabytes of information. This is the biggest drive to ever be released in a small, compact 2.5 inch body. Samsung broke their previous record of worlds largest 2.5 inch SSD, which was only 16 terabytes, back in 2016.

According to The Verge, the drive is manufactured with 32 sticks of NAND flash packages, each able to hold 1TB. Along with this new breakthrough in storage technology, Samsung claims that their new SSD is able to clock in read/write times of 40,000 IOPS and 50,000 IOPS, respectively. That is nearly four times the write speed of every other SSD in the market.

The controller inside of the SSD is fascinating in and of itself. The controller merges 9 different controllers into one singular controller, making it as efficient as having 9 other SSD cards inside your machine. This is what makes the insane read/write times of the PM1643 possible.

The PM1643 also uses a new technology in SSD cards to help utilize storage. Through Silicon Valley (TSV) technology is used to bind the 20 8GB DDR4 chips together. This technology allows the PM1643 to have 40 gigabytes of DDR4-RAM. This is the first time that TSV-DRAM technology has even been used inside of an SSD card.

As for the future? Samsung executive Jaesoo Han says that Samsung will “..continue to move aggressively in meeting the shifting demand of SSDs over 10 terabytes and at the same time, accelerating adoption of our trail-blazing storage solutions in a new age of enterprise systems”. They are also releasing 15.36 TB, 7.68 TB, 3.84 TB, 1.92 TB, 960 GB and 800 GB versions of this revolutionary new SSD. A release date has not been given for the new PM1643, but mass production for the card started back in January, so we can only hope that this trail-blazing new SSD card hits the shelves soon across the world.

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