Why Nick Vertucci Teaches Others How To Make Money In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci made a fortune as a real estate investor. He now teaches his methods to others through the NV Real Estate Academy. He teaches people to get access to buying undervalued or foreclosed properties, fixing them up, then quickly putting them back on the market to make a good profit. He also teaches people how to do a paper flip through which you have the potential to quickly make $3000 using other people’s money.

The course that NV Real Estate Academy offers is free of charge. They are held in many cities across America as well as Canada and take a hands-on teaching approach. He developed a strategy in the 2000s to find homes that are a great candidate to flip as well as how to go about rehabilitating them in a way that keeps costs down so the potential profits are higher.

Nick Vertucci lives in Orange County, California. He says that when he was growing up his family had very little income, especially after his dad passed away when Nick was just 10 years old. After he graduated from high school he says that he started up a small business which sold personal computers and their accessories. His business, like many in the tech industry, went under when that industry fell apart in 1999.

After a period of unemployment in which he lost his house and his marriage, Nick Vertucci rebounded after he attended a real estate academy event held in his area. He learned the method of flipping houses and how he could be his own boss in the real estate industry. When he hit his financial goal and became independently wealthy he opened NV Real Estate Academy so that he could show others how they could accomplish the same things that he had.

At NV Real Estate Academy, Nick Vertucci has assembled a team of teachers that know the ins and outs of investing in real estate. In addition to house flipping they can show people several other methods of making money buying and selling properties, including commercial ones in addition to residential.

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