AT&T Touts 5G Network, But Is That A Big Deal?

After eight years of 4G wireless networks, it looks 5G will finally be a reality. On Tuesday, AT&T broadcast the names of the first cities officially receiving a 5G network. The Dallas-based carrier is not the only company testing 5G, Verizon also stated its intention to unveil a 5G network last year. At present both carriers are at the forefront of the update, but the only information available is speculation. According to many sources, 5G will be faster than wired internet connections but that remains to be seen. At the unveil AT&T listed Waco, Dallas, and Atlanta among the twelve initially receiving the new network. So far now it is just a waiting game.

AT&T is very adamant about the quality of the network, stating that its base is a 3GPP standard operating on a millimeter wave. ( Peak speeds theorized to be in gigabits, with minimal dormancy. According to Igal Elbaz, SVP of Architecture and Design, the update will completely alter the network and meet the standards set down for 5G. It is also speculated that AT&T will be the first carrier to provide such service. This will be fantastic, if there is a noticeable difference.

In a world where technological innovation moves faster than a consumer can purchase it, every year sees the introduction of newer models. I-phones are up to double digits now, and Samsung is right behind them with the 8th version of their galaxy series. Every version touted as optimizing various facets. Better video, better streaming, wider screen, higher pixilation on the front camera, higher pixilation on the back camera, and better processors. It all sounds good but the phones as fancy as they are still perform the same tasks older models do. For most consumers there is no noticeable difference between the two. This begs the question do we need it. So do we need a 5G network? Will it really be significantly better than 4G LTE? According to speculation we do. Some even go as far as to say it will replace the need for cables!

For now, there is nothing but hope. Hope that the network will really change things, take technology forward. Reach new heights that better life. After all, this is the purpose of innovation.

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