Alexa-Controlled Toilets and the End of Humanity

Home automation is a current innovation still gaining ground. Alexa and Google Home are the AIs of the future, and every year they gain more control. Although many still believe both to be subversive versions of Skynet, home voice control is a sought after commodity. The ability to lock doors, play music, start appliances, and modify lighting with your voice is cool. Makes one feel they are in an episode of Star Trek. True, one day the appliances will gain sentience, rise up, and kill us all but until then it is super convenient. The question is: how far can it be taken? The newest craze in 2018 is the Alexa-controlled toilet. That’s right, Alexa operates commodes now, it’s the new john feature pulling everyone’s handle. They cost a pretty penny, thousands of dollars. Many have discovered do it yourself ways to link and home AI to toilet, bargaining down the price to around $750. In the wake of such sensation, one must wonder if it is that important to have your john flushed for you.

Novelty aside, what does it say about the human race if they are too lazy to flush their own toilet. Yes it is an awesome concept, makes one feel like they are Jetsons, but it is important enough to spend hundreds of dollars on? The human race already falls apart if Wi-fi goes down for ten seconds. People freaking out when they lose their smart phone, even though many were alive before such things existed. Are we becoming too dependent on technology to the level that we cannot function without it? Looking past the absurdity of the topic, the notion becomes a serious question. Does the end of humanity begin with the task of asking Alexa to flush?

Maybe, maybe not but for now it is still a fun concept. Instructions online assist one in retrofitting their commode to be self-flushing. It requires a toilet with an IR remote and a Adafruit Wifi board. ( Connect it to Alexa and it becomes yet another voice command prompt. Some enterprising people have even modified Alexa’s voice to sound like a famous actor to add to the fun. Mark Zuckerberg for instance, uses Morgan Freeman’s voice.

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