One Team Collective Enhances Trendy Tech for Football

NFL players accomplish much in the offseason. Rigorous training and preparation for the next inevitable season aside, they also focus their time of side projects. A Player’s Association trading player licenses for equity using a tech accelerator expedites many such projects. ( The accelerator, dubbed One Team Collective has a list of the top five trends influencing the world of technology. Not only do these trends provide good investments for life after football, they also offer the chance to optimize the game itself. The most innovative part of One Team Collective is that every trend is retrofitted for football. It is the footballization of technology.

StatMuse is an AI-based startup functioning as a sports statistics database. One Team Collective has already invested in the application, which provides the ability create custom training schedules. As AI is used for so much, with Alexa and Google pioneering the waters of home-based voice command, it only makes since that AI would emerge in a sports scope. Having a computer with full-knowledge of every stat surrounding a player provides intuitive regimens. Such training in both physical and dietary measures insures optimized training. Athletes can expand their training to place in the best shape possible for their individual levels and talents. The app is still a startup but with AI rising in popularity a wide market is available. Investment in the company could pay off, as teams would start enlisting the AI software to bolster fitness.

Other trends revolve around blockchains, which have garnered popularity since the decentralization of Bitcoin. Blockchains are distributed ledgers containing limitless amounts of data. Using blockchains for football has the effect of revolutionizing the use of performance data. One Team Collective is currently pursuing the implementation of blockchains in WHOOP, which is a portfolio company that lists performance data on a wearable. This type of tech could allow players to track their performance to the smallest degree, marking each infusion of success. It would also allow trainers to be up to date, as all they would need to do is look the stats up on their wearable.

Technology is changing everything, football as well. With One Team Collective players can look to more successful careers on and off the field.

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