Unique Investment Tips You Can Learn From Chris Linkas

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Investing is not something people in their twenties think about. Most people who are just starting out focus on getting a job, paying off student loans, finding a cool place to live, and chilling over a few brews on the weekends. Investing in stocks or buying an investment property is not a priority even when people cross the threshold of adult living, and dive into the serious aspects of life in their thirties. But according to Chris Linkas, the best time to prepare for the retirement is when people are just getting started in the workforce. Chris Linkas is an investment specialist. Mr. Linkas knows how to motivate young people. He encourages them to set up some sort of investment strategy they can build on as their income increases and as they get more comfortable in the investment world. Linkas helps people in the United States, as well as Europe, develop and a successful investment plan they can manage, tweak, and enjoy as life throws them curve balls that end up costing them money.



Chris Linkas is one of those investors who believe Albert Einstein was right when he said: “compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” Compound interest is the interest you accrue when the interest you receive from your investments starts to accrue interest. The interest compounds itself. Chris Linkas likes to say compound interest is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, and he’s not alone in that belief. If you want to be financially free in your golden years, you must put compound interest to work for you, according to Mr. Linkas.



The compound interest tip is the first tip Mr. Linkas lays out when he is giving young people investment advice. But the second Linkas tip is just as important. Linkas tells his young investors they can’t spread themselves too thin financially, especially if they like to overspend. In other words, you can’t invest your way out of debt, and investing won’t cure an overspending habit. If you have student loans and credit card debt in your twenties and thirties, develop a financial strategy that satisfies those obligations and makes room for investing. Chris says forget about the hot new stock or the sweet real estate investment that is going to make you rich in a year. Those pie-in-the-sky investment opportunities may sound like the way to pull yourself out of debt, but that’s not what happens most of the time, according to Chris. Linkas says invest in a 401K at work especially if your employer contributes to that plan. You won’t get rich, but you will set the tone for future investments.



Mr. Linkas is one of those investors that isn’t afraid to take a risk on a startup or a stock that has potential. But after years of developing the right investment strategy for himself and for the people who work with and for him, he says think long-term, not short-term when you’re a young investor. And Linkas always tells his clients that money is a tool. Instead of thinking money is the solution to financial issues, think of it as a tool you use to create a lifestyle. When you believe money is a tool rather than a solution, you can make better choices when it comes to saving, spending, and investing. Learning to be a savvy saver and investor early in your career is the key to creating the life you dream about. You may be trading your life today to earn money, but when the future rolls around, you’ll be able to use your investments for the things that matter. In other words, Chris Linkas says you investment money will give you the time you traded for money in the past. Sure. It’s a different kind of time. But it is a more meaningful time because your career is behind you and the golden years need your attention. Learning to be a diligent saver and a keen investor will make your short-term as well as long-term goals more achievable, according to Linkas.



You might think Chris Linkas is just throwing out random thoughts that are hard to follow when you’re in your twenties or thirties. But Linkas has a proven track record in the investment industry. And his investment track record is pretty impressive. He is a master at finding real estate investments in states around the country, but he also finds real estate values in Italy, England, Switzerland, Greece, France, and Ireland. Linkas is in his prime when it comes to entrepreneurship. And he’s not afraid to share the investment secrets that gave him the freedom to live life on his terms. Chris never lets other people influence his investment decisions. He believes all investors should tune out the people distractions and tune into solid advice from professionals who know how to invest to enjoy a quality-filled life.


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