With LimeCrime, You Don’t Have to Rub Sheep Sweat on Your Face

Vegan cosmetics are becoming extremely popular and LimeCrime offers some of the top vegan products on the market. There is more to vegan cosmetics besides saving animal’s lives–using vegan cosmetics can actually be beneficial to your skin and your style. Here are a few reasons why vegan cosmetics are better than traditional cosmetics.

You won’t be putting dead animals on your skin.

  1. You won’t be putting dead animals on your skin. Would you pick up a dead animal and rub it on your face? Probably not. Traditional cosmetics use animal byproducts, many of which are from dead animals and doesn’t benefit your skin. Lanolin is a great example of what not to use. It’s secreted from sheep pores up under their wool, so basically its sheep sweat. Do you really want to rub sheep sweat all over your face?.dead

Less ingredients means less reactions.

  1. Less ingredients means less reactions. Vegan cosmetics generally have less ingredients. Also the ingredients are usually natural so it isn’t as harsh on your skin as chemicals and dead animal by-products. Plus, you can pretty much pronounce all of the ingredients easily without needing a degree in Chemistry.

Vegan products are full of vitamins and moisturizers.

  1. Vegan products are full of vitamins and moisturizers. Vitamins help to improve the elasticity and brightness of skin. Moisturizers help to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Because vegan products use natural ingredients, they are full of natural vitamins and moisturizers.

Vegan products are on trend.

  1. Vegan products are on trend. There are many fashionistas out there that just love having the latest, greatest, and best of everything. Vegan products, simply put, are cool. Vegan products are popping up everywhere–in all the high fashion magazines and even on the runway. Go vegan and stay on trend.

All of LimeCrime’s products are vegan. LimeCrime has an amazing selection of bold, fierce, vegan cosmetics. With LimeCrime, not only will you save animals’ lives, stay on trend, and have healthier skin, but you will also have amazing color choices to express your inner beauty and creativity.

Find out more about LimeCrime: https://www.love-makeup.co.uk/lime-crime-m-13.html

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