Relying on Investment Guidance from Paul Mampilly

With an uncanny ability to anticipate the best-performing stocks, Paul Mampilly relies on his knowledge and hard work to achieve the remarkable success that characterizes his career. After earning almost unprecedented success as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street, he walked away with a commitment to share his knowledge with the ordinary investor. His three subscription services give anyone an opportunity to find his recommendations through Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

The Daily Forex Report cites GoingUpness as the system that he uses for choosing stocks for his subscription services. With it, he has recommended winning performers for two consecutive years. Some “new and less experienced investors” who accepted Mampilly’s guidance on his Profits Unlimited service realized a 200 percent profit from the Internet of Things (IoT) stocks that he identified as winners. His purpose in Profits Unlimited is to “introduce low-risk investments” that have potential to “explode higher as trends reshape the investing landscape” by focusing on millennials and the IoT. In True Momentum, he shows investors how to “grab gains of at least 100 percent” with risk at the moderate level.

Paul Mampilly claims a 305 percent increase in his account in only one year by using the recommendations that he provides to subscribers. Extreme Fortunes lets him guide members to results that his research shows earn substantial profits every year with an average of “43 stocks rallying 1000 percent or more.” His recommendations for Extreme Fortunes include naming the company that he predicts as the leader of the precision medicine revolution that he expects to capture an increasing share of the healthcare market.

Choosing Marijuana Stocks or Not

As the legalization of marijuana makes it available in 30 states as well as the District of Columbia for recreational or medicinal use and promises billions of dollars of profits, it is easy to assume that Mampilly considers it a good bet. In a move that may surprise people who follow the market, he does not recommend them at all. His expectation of the potential for the IoT shows in his projection that it has a much brighter future than the marijuana business. The company that he touts in his video makes the technology chip that can connect the millions and millions of devices that everyone uses every day to make them communicate and create the IoT. Paul Mampilly values the invention so highly that he refers to the science behind it as the key to the “second Industrial Revolution.” He makes sure that his more than 100,000 readers know about it. With his unique ability to separate winners from losers, he rejects marijuana stocks for the simple reason that they “are already coming down” and they are “too risky.”

Following His Hero’s Example

Paul Mamphilly considers his father his hero, a meaningful tribute to a man who entered the world in a tiny Indian village that had the direst of conditions. The poverty in the country created starvation and death among the population, including his mother who passed away when Paul was only three years old. By the time he reached age 20, he had lost his father as well. A job in Dubai led the family out of the pitiable circumstances in the largest city in India, Bombay, where his father’s employment did not pay enough to support a family. Mampilly regards his father’s decision to take a job in Dubai as one that required courage and willingness to take a chance, and it paid off.

With the opportunity to earn more money, he provided the funds for Paul and his sister to attend college. His acts set an example that reinforces his “philosophy of investing and trading.” His first-hand acquaintance with hardship and deprivation may have formed the basis for his decision to leave Wall Street and share his immense knowledge of the market with the average investor. When he sees a calculated risk in the market, he takes it at the time that odds favor his chances of making money. He advises investors to do the same thing while reminding them that no one gets a guarantee, but the right odds can produce excellent results.

Coming to America

Paul Mampilly came to America as a young man, and success seemed ready to welcome him as an investor and hedge fund manager. With appearances on Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Reuters, Kiplinger’s and Hedge Fund Intelligence, his straight talk about investments attracted attention. His career on Wall Street started in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager with Bankers Trust. Within 25 years, he achieved the height of success with managing multimillion dollar accounts for international banks. His leadership created an expansion of the Kinetics Asset Management from a $6 billion hedge fund into an enterprise with assets of $25 billion. The fund’s outstanding performance led Barron’s to recognize it as “one of the World’s Best.”

A stellar achievement that won praise on Wall Street, earning the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition let Mampilly demonstrate his expertise and leadership by turning $50 million of seed money into a gain of 76 percent. While winning the competition at any time is an enormous achievement, it was even more significant with his performance occurring during the worst financial crisis in the United States since the Great Depression.

As a child in impoverished India, he may have dreamed of living in the United States, but the success he has earned probably exceeds his childhood imagination. Paul Mampilly took every opportunity that came to him, and he turned the chance to attend college at Montclair State University into graduating with a BBA in his field of finance and accounting. After taking a break from school, he earned a Master of Business Administration from Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business.

Compiling an Impressive Record

With his departure from Wall Street and his determination to share his knowledge of investing with the ordinary person on Main Street, Paul Mampilly established several links that allow him to communicate directly with people who want his advice. Bloomberg cites his current activities as the founder of Profits Unlimited where he serves as Senior Editor in addition to the investment/trading services that he manages. He also writes a column that appears weekly in the Winning Investor Daily, his firm’s newsletter.

Earlier in his career, Mampilly edited the Professional Speculator at Stansberry Research, LLC and served on Kinetics Asset Management’s Portfolio Management Team. Before he undertook those endeavors, he founded his Capuchin Group where he served three functions as writer, editor and publisher from 2003 to 2006. His impressive record in the financial industry includes serving as a money manager at Sears, the Royal Bank of Scotland and a bank in Switzerland. Always advancing to more and more challenging positions in the industry, he earned the status that enabled him to manage multimillion dollar accounts at ING and Deutsche Asset Management. All of his accomplishments came after he served in an ordinary position as an assistant portfolio manager in 1991.

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