Cancer Treatment Centers of America Career and Employment Opportunities

Qualified candidates who are searching for work within the medical field, should consider CTCA employment opportunities. The CTCA is known as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and this organization is one of the nation’s premiere cancer fighting organizations. The CTCA has been around since the late 80s. They have been instrumental to fighting cancer, extending life and conducting research to discover new cancer cures.There are 5 CTCA locations and each of them need knowledgeable candidates who are able to contribute to the overall effectiveness of cancer treatment. The Midwest Regional Medical Center is located in Zion, Illinois.

This particular hospital serves cancer patients in this part of the country. The Eastern Regional center can be found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Other hospitals are situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Southwest Region) and in Goodyear, Arizona which represents the Western treatment centers. Newman, Georgia is the place where the Southeastern Regional Center presides. The organization has its headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.There are four broad categories for employment with the CTCA. These categories consists of Physician Opportunities, Clinical and Patient Support positions, Administrative and Hospitality Services and Professional and Management opportunities.

Each regional hospital of the CTCA will have openings posted according to need. Oncologists are surgeons and physicians that specialize in the treatment of cancer. One of the most important positions for Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals is for the oncologist. They are on the front line in the fight against cancer. Support positions for nursing are also critical to patient care and treatment success. The CTCA has plenty of nursing positions available for medical personnel that are qualified to work in this area of medicine.Remember that cancer is not just about fighting the diseases, patients must have funding if they want to effectively combat this deadly condition. Management, insurance and financial careers are also available for this purpose.

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