Washington State In The Fight For Net Neutrality

The debate surrounding net neutrality has reached an all-time high. Just recently Washington state past the country’s most stringent legislation in regards to this issue. ( https://www.fastcompany.com/40537222/washington-just-passed-the-countrys-toughest-net-neutrality-legislation ) This legislation had aims to help regulate Internet access for residents of Washington state and was cleared by the state Senate with a vote of 35 to 14. In a rare display of bipartisan action, the bill to protect net neutrality was passed by the House of Representatives in a 93 to 5 vote on February 9.
All other state governments have been scrambling to scrap the regulations put on net neutrality by the federal government Washington’s policy officially the grandest. This law applies to all Internet service providers that serve residents regardless of any deals made with the state. In accordance with this law, any blocking of Internet service would be illegal. This disallows the use of premium Internet fast lanes which companies have tried to offer.
This is all in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s recent abolishment of net neutrality regulations which it deemed restoring Internet freedom. This decision was met with controversy however the Federal Communications Commission claimed that policy with preemptive of the authority of state governments. Washington state has challenged this presumption arguing that just because the Federal Communications Commission claims that it has the power to preempt state laws does not mean that it actually is capable of doing so.
Net neutrality continues to be a source of contention among Internet service providers who are trying to implement new changes that will regulate the way the Internet is used. The residents of Washington state are very grateful to have a government which they claim is supportive of their freedoms and rights as individuals. In fact, it is now popular for many to say that access to the Internet access to more than just a business concern but a matter of personal freedom. As legislation continues to be made regarding these issues, it is sure that this is not the end of the road. While this issue will almost certainly be heading to court, it is refreshing to see a state government which has the interests of its citizens put ahead of the interests of corporations.

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