A 26 Year Old Women Tells How Reaching For Stardom Can Put You In Debt

As reported on businessinsider.com, a woman who is 26 years of age, gained a debt of $10,000 while trying to become an Instagram sensation. The woman admitted to putting herself in to debt while attempting to be a star. In order to get the “perfect gram” she created a lifestyle that consisted of elaborate shopping sprees every month, purchasing and carrying designer handbags, and traveling all over. Although she is not proud of the way she was spending money just trying to create a popular Instagram page, there is one “gram” worthy thing that she continues and that is her monthly membership to Rent The Runway. Rent the Runway provides designer accessory and dress rentals through an online service.

While trying to become rich and famous, Lissette Calveiro, revealed how instead, she became in financial ruins. In 2013, she moved to Miami from New York. Her position as an intern had Lissette feeling like a “Sex and the City Dream.” Thanks to her Instagram post of her expensive outfits, holiday celebrations, and constant brunches, no one would ever know that her finances were in shambles. Considering the only thing that her internship covered was travel, Lissette spent everything she earned from her part-time retail job and all over her saving just to live.

After Calveiro retuned to Miami to live, she was continuing to live a $10,000 per month lifestyle. She felt she needed to purchase the right cloths in order to take pictures to post on Instagram for her followers and in an effort to gain new followers. The lie that Calveiro was living was creating a looming dept over her. Living above her means was bringing her down.

Lissette did not believe in being seen in the same outfit twice. She would go on a $200 shopping spree every month. Digging herself deeper and deeper in to debt. She would spend the upwards of $1,000 per designer handbag. Every month she was traveling to new locations. She had made it her goal to collect at least 12 of Snapchats digital passport stamps called geo filters. She says that most of her 2016 traveling that she did was strictly for Instagram.

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