Mercedes-Benz is Shining New Lights Ahead

Technology is always pushing the limits of what we believe to be possible. New tech helps us complete tasks easier or quicker. Mercedes has other things in mind with their Maybach S-Class headlights because they want us to get places safer.

In 2009, Mercedes-Benz showed off an Experimental Safety Vehicle. The vehicle was shown with all sorts of new safety bells and whistles. Mercedes showed us inflating seatbelt airbags, a back seat camera to watch your younger passengers, and main particle beam intelligent headlights. The headlights had a 100 LEDs built into the headlight that worked individually giving them the ability to make adjustments to the lighting, based on information they received from sensors.

The headlights that Mercedes showed us in 2009 were early concepts of what is on display today. Mercedes-Benz is calling the project, Digital Light, and will be rolling out on select S-Class vehicles within the next couple of months. Digital Light will have 2 million pixels built into their headlights. The technology will be able to give you a display of information on the road ahead.

Many new features of the lighting system are present like the ability to display Light reflective paint in HD to assist the driver. Other new features include showing the total width of white lines on the road to better help you navigate the width of the car between them and speed-sensitive distance markers that will warn you of how far away you should be from the vehicle in front of you. More display information will be coming to the advance headlights like a blind spot warning and selective light dimming as not to harm a person’s vision when the high beams onto oncoming traffic.

Two million pixels in your head lights may just be the beginning of what Mercedes-Benz will be doing with Digital Light. The functionality of this new head light technology is limitless. Mercedes states that Digital Light will only grow more intelligent over time giving Mercedes-Benz a better view on what they can shine their lights on next.

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