Heartache for Ratings

Imagine ratings going up for a show based on an on-screen heartbreak. Imagine no more because that is exactly what happened on “The Bachelor.” The ratings this season compared to recent years have been low as BuzzFeed News reported last week. It seems that the show’s producers cooked up a plan to leak that Arie Luyendyk Jr. would be choosing to date the woman he had previously rejected. The spin is that he would choose her only after choosing to propose to someone else and changing his mind in order to be with the rejected woman. This leak was shared by magazines all over. Us magazine even reported the scandal on it’s cover. The magazine report was not revealing as to who exactly the women were, therefore not naming them by names. The report simply stated that Arie would be proposing to one and then changing his mind for another.

This story line is what sent rating skyrocketing with 7.8 million viewers. Even so, the finale last year with Nick Viall drew in 8.2 million viewers. It is believed to be Arie not being very charismatic was part of the reason why ratings were down. Another reason is believed to be the fact that some of the dates the bachelor took the ladies on this season where a little dull. The date that took place in the Fort Lauderdale, FL bowling alley.

The finale that took place on Monday was three hours long. First Arie proposed to Becca Kufrin. In place of the usual last hour engaged couple’s called the After the Final Rose update that is held during the last hour of the season finale, that hour was used to crush Becca while the cameras were rolling.

Those who were bachelors and bachelorettes previously were homogeneously angered by this live and unscripted on camera breakup. It was even heartlessly announced to the audience that it was about to happen by the show’s host Chris Harrison. It was said as if raw, live heartache was a good thing.

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