Embark: World’s First Long Distance Self-Driving Truck

As technology continues to progress every year it has become standard to see fascinating headlines in regards to new revolutionary technology. It comes as no surprise to see the recent headlines that a self-driving semi truck just completed the world first trip across the country. http://www.livetrucking.com/self-driving-semi-truck-just-made-first-cross-country-trip/
From the company Embark, the world’s first self-driving semi truck just finished the journey from Los Angeles to Jacksonville with only limited support from the onboard human driver. The trip was a total of 2400 miles which he completed in five days. During the trip, the truck was able to be driven for hours at a time with no human interference. According to Alex Rodriguez the CEO of Embark even when human intervention did occur it would only last a few seconds.
It is marvelous the amount of technology that had to come together to make this feat possible. Inside of the truck machine learning software along with input feeds from five cameras, three radars and to light sensors came together in real time to help avoid crashes.
The data from this trip has not yet been processed however it has already been considered a success and plans have been made to have the autonomous technology installed in over 40 tractor-trailers by the end of 2018.
The pace of development with these technologies has raised fears of displacement of truck job workers. Alex Rodriguez, the CEO of Embark, has assured members of the transportation industry that these autonomous self-driving trucks are not meant to take jobs away but only to increase productivity.
The vision of the company is to local drivers by having the autonomous trucks cooperate to handle difficult long-haul routes. This will address the current driver shortage and be able to help increase productivity across the industry. This is not the first trip made by a self-driving truck however it is the longest. Already in November one of the self-driving trucks from Embark completed a journey of over 600 miles where the only human interference occurred when the truck was traveling off of the highway. At these times the human driver took control but as soon as the truck was back on the highway autonomy was given to the computers. The matter how you feel about this technology it is clear that change is coming to the industry.

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